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Solidarity Motions Passed at London Central Branch of NUJ


On Tuesday night, the London Central Branch of the National Union of Journalists passed several motions of solidarity with speakers in advance of yesterday’s Student Demonstrations, and the upcoming strikes with the NUT, PCS, and UCU on the 30th November.

Meeting with speakers from the Occupy London Stock Exchange in a special solidarity meeting, the NUJ passed the two motions of solidarity as follows:

Motion One

“London Central Branch expresses its solidarity with the Occupy movement, with those demonstrating tomorrow (9 November), all those taking strike action on 30 November and with those balloting for action at the BBC. This branch notes the motion passed at the NEC last month that sought to remind “newspaper, radio and TV editors of their responsibility to report the November 30th day of strike action fairly.”  This branch agrees that Fox News-style coverage is not acceptable in Britain.

“This branch calls on all of its members to ensure that their own work covers the strike and any associated demonstrations fairly and accurately.”

Motion Two

“London Central Branch congratulates Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC) on the success of their first national conference on Saturday, 29 October. This Branch supports DPAC’s campaign for rights, not charity, for people with disabilities.

“This Branch condemns attacks on disabled people in some parts of the UK media and calls for fair and accurate coverage of the issues faced by disabled people as the government cuts services and benefits.”

The Occupy London Stock Exchange is thankful for the motions of solidarity by our brothers and sisters in the NUJ, and are greatful for their continued support of our campaign and our efforts, as well as their support for the many other worthwhile causes and messages that need to be heard in these hard economic times, particularly those of the students in yesterday’s protests that would otherwise have been likely to have been misrepresented in the media, and those that are likely to be subject to the same treatment in upcoming actions, including the strikes on November 30th.

Only together, united, can we affect the change necessary to fix the ills of this nation and this world. We are all the 99%, and we need to stand in solidarity and work together to achieve our goals.


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  1. Wonderful!

  2. All support for Occupy is so valued and important …this is wonderful.


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