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Solidarity Action to Ellesmere Port with the Big Lemon Bus – Livestream



For anyone who’s on Twitter with the time to help tweet about the event, the hashtag is ‪#‎EPFrackFree‬.

Please use this opportunity to get the word out about fracking and the dangers. Tweet links to the scientific evidence published this week.

Other hashtags worth using are ‪#‎BorrasBlockade‬ (IGas fracking site in Wales) and ‪#‎BintheBill‬ (Infrastructure Bill being rushed through House of Commons right now. If passed, this will expand the development of fracking across the UK).

Balcombe, South Coast and London Solidarity to Ellesmere Port with the Big Lemon Bus.

Those silly silly frackers are at it again, DieGas, whoops sorry, IGas have started drilling their third well in the UK at Ellesmere Port and we need to tell them loud and clear that it’s just NOT ON. Not on our watch! Luckily the locals and protectors there are showcasing their united front by having a SOLIDARITY SUNDAY at the site and offering tea and cake. Yippee.

We all know how important it is to show our support, not only for protectors on site, but for the whole anti-fracking movement. Seeing the support Balcombe received from all around the country for its Solidarity Sunday, the events in Barton Moss and the Solidarity march in Blackpool earlier this year, it not only unifies us as a movement but sends a strong message to the locals, the rest of the country, the government, the media and those dirty dirty frackers.

So on the bus we go and head up to have a cup of tea, piece of cake, share stories and rejoice in how united we stand.

We are going to have a bit of social on the bus too, as it’s a long trip but well worth it, so please bring some snacks to share, some ideas of games to play and some card and paint to produce a little art installation upon arrival. Think of it as our Christmas party 🙂

Also massive respect to all the protector camps that have taken place and are still taking place around the UK and Ireland… Balcombe, Barton Moss, Lancashire Nannas, Davyhulme, Crawberry Hill, Upton, West Newton, Borras and Holt, Horse Hill, Dudleston, Belcoo and all those international protectors camps around this amazing planet.

So please put one day aside before Christmas and gather together for the locals and protectors to show some festive cheer.

Oh and another reason to celebrate is DieGas share-price has dropped like a stone. Its 52 week high was 164.50p and as of 1/12 it’s 49.25p. YAY! Now let’s all take the credit for that shall we?

Event page:

For those who cannot come down for the trip, please join us via livestream and share the footage to your Social Networks.

Tina Louise Rothery: Occupy, Nanas and Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Taton

Anne The Power: Green Party Activist.

Josie Tothill: Young Occupy Activist

Maeve McDonnell: Barnet Greens


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