By Julie Timbrell

Sept 6th-2

On Saturday a fantastic solidarity rally, “London says YES”, was held at London University, Southbank. The awesome Bernadette McALiskey gave an inspiring speech, as did Allan Armstrong, from the Radical Independence Campaign, and Steve Freeman from Occupy Real Democracy. Solidarity statements were read out from virtually all of the radical left supporting Scotland’s desire for democracy & self determination – Ken Loach, The Greens, Counterfire all sent one. Contributors pointed out that behind Project Fear (aka Better Together) lies the City of London, the banks and the markets . Everybody saw this as a chance for both Scotland and potentially the rest of the UK to ditch neo-liberalism and more fundamentally decide what kind of country we want to live in and how ‘we the people’ want to be governed. A chorus of voices stood in solidarity with the Scottish people’s desire to break with the UK’s governments dodgy past and present war mongering so we might all follow! This is a real chance for constitutional change and real democracy – if Scotland say Yes , and I think they will , then this is a game changer for everybody. Video coming soon¬†.


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