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tony-blairWhen the CRC wheel out Tony Blair (Mr Dodgy Dossier) to make the case against Scottish independence, their desperation to maintain the status quo becomes obvious.

Gordon Brown, as UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, sold UK gold reserves at between $256 and $296 per ounce (a 20 year low). Brown has suggested that Scotland risks suffering a currency collapse, analogous to that of the Weimar republic in Germany leading to the rise of Hitler (as reported by the CRC controlled BBC). Gold peaked in 2011 at around $1,900 per ounce and today stands at $1,230. Either Brown is a man of very poor judgement or a stooge for the ruling elites who’ve “fixed” the gold price for centuries.

What is telling about this referendum is the envy of the Scots, felt across the UK, where many want to wrest power from the puppet government in Westminster. Social media is covered with people saying, if they had a vote, they’d vote YES. They want to see an independent Scotland stand up to vested interests and open the door to change.

As Scotland Vote Nears, Fragmentation and Sharp Disunity In A U.K. That Isn’t So United by Steve Rushton

“If Scotland votes for independence, the United Kingdom in its traditional sense will become meaningless,” asserts Paul Salveson, general secretary of the Hannah Mitchell Foundation which advocates greater autonomy and participatory democracy for Northern England. “There will be a need for a new political settlement within the British Isles, which must involve an independent Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and crucially the Irish Republic.”

Salveson continues: “I would argue that an ‘England of regions’ would help re-balance the country and open up opportunities for each region to build strong and mutually beneficial economic, social and cultural links with the other parts of the British Isles.”

With so much riding on its decision, we’re relying on Scotland to be brave and vote YES.



A yes vote in Scotland would unleash the most dangerous thing of all – hope – George Monbiot



The BBC Is Killing Democracy





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