SaveILF Protest and Occupying Westminster Abbey


Summer is coming

Disabled People Against Cuts have been campaigning for their human rights for the last few years and the ConDems would prefer to ignore them. There have been protests and pickets outside the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), Petitions online and lobbying Members of Parliament, but Cameron and his cohorts would prefer that disabled people disappear.

The coalition of DPAC, UK Uncut and Occupy attempted to set up a camp in Westminster Abbey. UK Uncut joined after the Boot Out Boots demo, which is another corporation taxdodging with Government connivance. Occupy and DPAC activists to set up the tents and marquees.

Unfortunately. the police arrived enmasse from the finishing Pride Parade, preventing the larger tents from being set up by grabbing the tents and standing on top of the canvasses. The police claimed to be facilitating the protest, but we were not allowed to set up our shelters. Apparently due to the danger tents presented to the public.

Westminster Abbey is public space, but apparently protesting on that site is considered trespassing. We did ask to see the Dean of Westminster, but he refused to engage with the disabled people.

One Met Police with two pips (inspector) claimed that we had been asked by the head of security to leave. The warning was that we were committing Aggravated Trespass. It was pointed out that Trespass was not a crime, it was a Civil Matter. The information at the time was that we had not been spoken to by any representative of the Abbey. The police Inspector was lying.

Each Met police I spoke to seemed uncomfortable, with answering whether they considered themselves, just following orders, and when I asked another if they were being paid double time, he claimed that it was his day off and was not being paid. He was spending his free time, protecting the public from disabled people?

There were various livestream channels on site.

Start of the Occupation.

DPAC by the gates and the police entering to protect Westminster Abbey.

Ending of the Occupation.


Person being arrested.

DPAC Activist telling the onlookers why they are protesting outside Westminster Abbey.

John McDonnell MP supporting SaveILF, Occupy Westminster

Save ILF DPAC activist blocked by Met Police Officer U1336 Occupy Westminster. U1336 awaiting word from his superior to be told that he was doing something wrong.

Viewpoint via Vicaolsx. Some people have more rights to protest, than others.

OccupyMayday arresting a Met Police Constable who has assaulted protesters. The Police Constable Steel U1921 refuses to comply with the citizen’s arrest (Any Person Arrest).
At 9min 10Sec. video shows the Inspector claiming that the protesters were committing Criminal Trespass, and the Dean of Westminster Abbey has asked the SaveILF protest to leave. This is a lie.

Livestream channels on the day:

Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People’s Peaceful Protest


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