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SaveILF by Paula Peters



I would like to say how proud of my brothers and sisters who carried out the action at Westminster Abbey yesterday. I was proud to lead a team of 10 activists across the road and lock on to that gate, it was one of the proudest and nerve wracking moments of my life. But when we were locked onto that gate, John Mcdonnell MP came behind us and saw our chains and why we were there, he grinned at us, a well done, a pat on our shoulders, and he stayed the entire protest he never left until the last activist left the grounds.

It says it all for disabled activists that the Met police decided they needed 200+ police. They surrounded us. We held our heads up, and we held our ILF cards and sat there, proud, determined and all together with a common purpose to fight for our rights.

I know only this, and I make no apology for this. I will fight for my rights, I will fight for my disabled brothers and sisters rights, and actions such as yesterday are necessary at times when a government totally refuses to listen to you.

I would also add this we were peaceful we were not violent, not in any shape or any form. But for us to be denied food, water, our meds and one ILF recipient her personal assistant to assist her as they got separated by a railing said a lot. Many in authority need to be rightly ashamed as yesterday the Dean of Westminster Abbey turned his back on us, refused to speak to a MP, this the Dean who is chair of the livability charity, a disability charity, he turned his back on ILF recipients, to see that was absolutely shameful. It only shows just want this country has become a country that turns its back on disabled people having to fight for their rights because it is a tough battle for them to survive at all with what we are dealing with everyday and a government hitting us with one evil policy after another. I will end this with this, do something for me today please, tweet the Dean of Westminster Abbey, e mail him, write to him, contact the media and ask him directly where was his compassion, and tolerance yesterday and make him re look at the course of action he took yesterday because today he should hang his head in shame

Disabled people enter Westminster Abbey to protest at ILF closure

John McDonnell MP supporting SaveILF, Occupy Westminster

Save ILF DPAC activist blocked by Met Police Officer U1336 Occupy Westminster.

Livestream channels on the day:

Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People’s Peaceful Protest


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