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Save our Homes Haringey’ say ”NO!’ to forced gentrification.


Families At Connaught House, Muswell Hill, To Be Made Homeless: if the Met have their way. Locals and residents are resisting Metropolitan Police plans to evict 21 families that live at Connaught House, Muswell Hill.

Forming a coalition of resistance with activists from ‘Haringey Solidarity Group’, ‘Save Friern Barnet Library’, and supporters of Occupy London, Save Our Homes Haringey stand up against the planned eviction.  The first is due for  11 March 2013.

Crown Housing Association, estate managers, informed the tenants before Christmas that they had to hand over the land to its owners, the Metropolitan Police. Eviction notices have been issued for the second week in March 2013. The Met requires the land back in order to sell it on to property developers, although no planning permission has been given.[1]

Residents set to be evicted from a Muswell Hill housing estate by the Metropolitan Police have accused the force of preparing to destroy their community for “the sake of greed”.[2]

Crown Housing say they have no other vacant properties and have advised tenants to apply to Haringey Council, who have in turn advised that due to individual circumstances they have no legal obligation to re-house some of the residents, leaving these families homeless and vulnerable.[3]

The Met are ripping the heart out of the community that live here.  Many of the families have raised their children here and the community has grown together.  When they signed their Tenancy Agreements they had no idea that years down the line they would be evicted from their homes and made to start their lives all over again.

The residents have written to recipients including David Cameron, the Housing Minister, Boris Johnson, the Met Police Property Services and Crown Housing Association, without any positive response.

These planned evictions are typical of what is happening across Britain. Government austerity cuts mean that the Metropolitan Police, like all other public services, has to reduce its budget by £500 million.[4] The cuts are due to the policies that the government is implementing to pay its debts. Britain’s debts have resulted from billions of pounds awarded to the financial investors via the bankers’ bonuses, made worse by a financial system that allows corporations to avoid paying tax.[5] Recent academic studies have calculated that in Britain there is the largest gap between the rich and the majority.[6] The government’s policies are destroying services and peoples’ lives all for the benefit of the few. In England alone, there are 710,000 empty and derelict properties [7] which only serve the interests of rich property tycoons who can raise the price of rents for everyone. Who’s paying taxes now?

Local resident Caroline Gallagher said “I want to fight: it’s unreasonable to be pushed out.” [8]  Caroline’s sister Susie said, ‘No one is accountable for what is happening to these families.  It’s as though profit and monetary gain are more important than peoples’ homes and lives”.

Residents invite their friends and family to show support on Saturday 2nd March at 3pm, as they stand up to forced eviction.

Message from the residents of Connaught House – 8 Days Before Eviction by Tent City Radio on Mixcloud




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