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Saturday Noon – 6pm: Celebrate the Right to Protest @OccupyLSX


Occupy London will hold a celebration of the right to protest from noon – 6pm this Saturday 28 January by the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral with a host of bands, singers, poets and speakers. Expect surprise guests.

Occupy London intends to show the City of London Corporation and the government that we still fight for our right to protest peacefully by occupation and we will exercise this right by holding a celebratory event. There will be speakers who have supported Occupy’s right to protest and who are involved in challenging the unsustainable, unjust and undemocratic system that dominates our world.

Artists and performers include:

Rowdy Superstar, LiA (Life imitates Art), Havva, Max Pahlsson, Mike Faulkner, Big Sing Up Choir, David Lee Morgan, Marcina Arnold, David California, Cynikal, Kandice Holmes – Psalm Sessions, John Sloman – Ex Uriah Heep, Monster Raving Looney Party Band – What’s Next, OneNess Sankara, Catherine Brogan, Pete the Temp, Beyonder and Benjamin Crellin, Newrising, Dirt Urchins, Phoenix Down, Ghouls, Adrian Pompey – Freestyle Rap, Styler – Rapper plus Bobo – Gnawa musician traditional Moroccan music.

Speakers include:

Mary (Pensioners against the Cuts), Can Atas – Kurdish Youth Group, Kofi Klu – PANAFRIINDABA, Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, Mary Black – Christian Activist, Occupy London supporters Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Liz Beech, Tammy Samede, George Barda, Clive Menzies and Rich Paton, Nina Power – Roehampton University lecturer & Defend the Right to Protest, Susan Matthews  – Defend the Right to Protest, Alfie Meadows  – Defend the Right to Protest, Professor Richard Norman – Humanist Philosophers’ Group, and a Vice-President of the BHA, Professor David Ormrod – Kent University & Canterbury Occupation, Lee Jasper – Operation Hope and Recovery, Father Joseph Ryan – Catholic Priest, Ciaron O’Reilly – Catholic Workers, Rev James Lawson – C of E supporter of OLSX, Rob Palmer – Global Witness, Symon Hill – Ekklesia, Revd Alan Greeen – Occupy court witness C of E, Rys Farthing – Against Child Poverty, Jo Seidlecka – Catholic journalist supporter of OLSX, Revd Paul Nicolson – Zacchaeus Trust, Val Swain – CAMPACC & NETPOL and Roger Chisnall – Jubilee Debt Campaign.

Further events

There are many other events happening at Occupy London – all invited to attend and get involved.


9 Responses to “Saturday Noon – 6pm: Celebrate the Right to Protest @OccupyLSX”

  1. I’m fed up of being attacked by your people in my own neighbourhood. I’ve been punched. I’ve been spat at. I’ve been shouted at. I’m definitely not a rich banker, I just happen to live here and have to cross your camp to buy milk and bread in Sainsburys.

    I’m not part of the ‘1%’, I’m not part of the ‘99%’.

    On a helpful note – There are better ways to protest than to occupy. Opinions change with time, any occupation requires it being there for a certain amount of time so you are leaving yourself wide open to the public’s fickle opinions. Just a thought.

    • I support the occupy london movement and view it as an angelic force, I have been to visit the protesters many times and I have never seen a protester abusing any member of the public, in the contrary sometimes the supporters of the greedy bankers and landlords, the mercenaries turn up to try to provoke the protesters and to get them to overreact, I saw that happening then they intend to call the police to try to make the protesters look bad and of course they don’t succeed as the protesters are alert, vigilant, organized, united and supported by people who are gifted and who happen to have the gift of wisdom and a sense of justice and good judgment, the supporters of the protesters possess enlightened minds and some of these minds work anonymously and mysteriously so this way the greedy bankers whom we believe is also the greedy landlords who infiltrated the ranks of the conservatives, labour and liberal democrats can not overpower a force they can not understand completely or see, people either belong with the 1% or the 99% . the all kinds of tricks that the unjust use to control is no longer working! because they are exposed!

      The ones who are dominating ruthlessly have been enforcing bad capitalism for a long time that is enforced using a mixture of psychological sophisticated deceit and aggression through the police and prison guards as well as bailiffs, they enforce a corrupt system and then wage wars abroad to try to make their system grow more powerful, just look how corrupt the judiciary in England have become! many solicitors, barristers and judges are bought and sold and compelled with bribes and blackmail to bow to the greedy bankers and their army of corrupt people working for (DWP department for work and pensions) the police and prison service as well as the health service and social services who think they are God and own people and the earth and the heavens and in reality they have no divine or legal authority to control unjustly and treat people as if they are sheep, bad capitalism is not a good economy, it is the minority taking advantage of the unsuspecting majority, the minority are the ones who hide within democracy and force people to borrow money through pressure and pay back with interest, they control directly and indirectly, they give criminal records to innocent good people, they never stop spreading bad influence and of course they are loosing the battle, they are loosing their grip over people as people realize that the age of being stoic is over! the occupy protesters are filled with anger and despite that they continue to demonstrate peacefully and as a member of the public I agree with what they are doing, they have my full moral support, the fact that the occupy london protest remain peaceful it is to be admired and the fact that it is part of a world movement, it is gathering support and strength and will triumph! I support any movement that stands for world justice! we are the real big society! a society that is truly civilized and is against selfishness and greed and oppression and cover-ups and the rich enslaving and bullying and provoking and manipulating the poor! corrupt people working anywhere in the system must realize that they will not get away with all the crimes they committed and continue to commit such as pushing people to suicide and blaming people who fall ill for the problems with the economy that the greedy bankers and and landlords are causing, we are convinced that the greedy bankers and greedy landlords are one and we will expose them all! no health or strength to work full time like a slave no money and no fair treatment and no respect! people are expected to carry what is beyond their strength! a lot of employers are treating their employees like slaves and what does the government do to help? nothing! the bad government is busy thinking “we don’t have enough tax pits, we need to make some more then demand more taxation! after the student fees sudden rise is there another way we can find to steal from people? to rob people in broad daylight and hope no one will notice?” the raising of the student fees was not justified and it was not just doubled, it was tripled! since when democracy is about allowing the bad capitalists to dominate??? what is needed now is a combination of ideas to achieve a just and good government, a bad government provokes people with bad treatment then it gives them a criminal record unjustly! corrupt people working for the government, the police, the health service and the the prison service must not be left to continue to enjoy impunity! the ones who stand for justice want a wise system not a foolish system that only generates tension, anger and disorder! the system want to take take take and give nothing in return! we demand real justice! enough is enough!

  2. I would like something dones about the apalling state of mental health care – have a daughter at the moment on an acute ward and am prepared to give huge publicity as I want something done about the system now for the sake of all the vulnerable patients. I would like to make a huge impact on Parliament so they have to acknowledge and do something about this as it is something noone likes to speak about well I am prepared to be extremely outspoken if it gets something done.

  3. Dear Susan Bevis – I agree whole heatedly with you: it is not just those suffering from overt and more serious mental health either: pupils with dyslexia, autism and ADHD to name but a few, are being denied entry to good quality schools because of the risk is would impose on the school’s reputation and placing in league tables. Sadly I do not read the news much, but I heard about the courts hearing on the matter – though I sympathise that rights of access are tight and that sadly some people’s behaviour to the general public (such as Matt who wrote at 5pm on 28th January – not that I am in the occupy movement yet Matt but I apologies for the actions of those few who seem to see this protest as a chance to vent frustration and anger on anyone they deem suitable – acting before thinking if you will), I do however feel that the court was unfairly biased and somewhat corrupted in its decision – probably due to unseen pressure being applied behind the scenes to get rid of this ‘mess’ – if only they considered their motivating reason and applied it to the system our society operates on today: primarily greed and selfishness. What a waste. Furthermore I was disheartened to read the Daily Mail’s online piece published on the 19th of January titled “now unoccupy london”. However it wasn’t the article itself that caused a pang in my heart – I have come to expect with must media formats now to illicit my response in that way – instead it was the comments of the ‘readers’ about the issue and then the +1 or -1 to each comment to denote how popular that comment was perceived. Some of the comments are just simply downright callous, cruel and unthinking. Whatever happened to love thy neighbour?

    • PS. I hope for all the folks who turned up today at St Pauls things went well and without harm or issues by those who do not really understand.

  4. Get extremely Outspoken Mama:-)

  5. Thank you Tanya for organizing this wonderful event. Thanks to all speakers and contributors. It was a wonderful day with engaging speeches and joyful music and singing! I really enjoyed it.

  6. I support Julian Assange and Bradley Manning and we must do everything in our power to demonstrate to make sure that the liberty of good people is preserved and that only real criminals are tried, fined and locked up and deterred from breaking reasonable laws! no one is above the law! we all have rights and responsibilities and a duty to treat each other fairly and in accordance with reasonable laws! we must organize demonstrations in support of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning they stand for world justice and we must support the brave whistle blowers to protect them!

    The ones who committed war crimes should be prosecuted not the ones who exposed them! Also the government must tell people what it is getting up to, it does not want to because they have a lot of unjust and illegal activities and operations to hide! if they have nothing to hide then why would they mind that government affairs and dealings gets exposed? is the government in power not elected by people as a whole? therefore is it not obliged to answer to people as a whole? we will not be fooled! it is no longer one country against another or one race against another, we will not be misled by the expression “national security!” we want “world security” not just national security! no to world injustice! people view the government in England as a bad government an elected dictatorship and we want a good government not a bad government who is too arrogant to listen and too foolish to recognize what is wise and accept it and follow it and is unpleasantly stubborn!

    Julian Assange and Bradley Manning were accused of stealing information in the form of documents and publishing them on the internet and they stole nothing, they took action against unlawful secrecy! and got in the way of tyrants who hide within democracy and control mainly from France, England and America and who placed puppet governments in a lot of places in the world, what is needed is a new system that is fit for purpose, a system that is a combination of ideas from around the globe! we will not follow blindfolded, we want to see where the governments are taking us!

    What Julian Assange and Bradley Manning did is Angelic! our world is changing and it seems that injustice is being demolished and justice constructed at the same time worldwide! It is a power struggle, it is lawful rebellion! Julian Assange was accused of raping females, and clearly the timing show that it is a lie, sex is used by so called secret services to try to harm the reputation of good people who are forceful, wise and a threat only to unjust money ruthless control, we all have sexual urges and who does not give in to sexual temptation nowadays? Julian Assange has a good character, he is doing what is best for the whole world and he, like Bradley Manning are gifted, they care about contributing greatly to see justice enforced not care only about making money and leave reality the way it is, if the tyrants did not find brave people to get in their way, they would enforce direct slavery and would open torture people for pleasure clubs no doubt! the ones who are dominating unjustly and their ways to cover up can only be described as extremely evil, dirty, satanic and despicable! The females were offered a lot of money to lie no doubt! if the females consented to rough sex then they asked for rough sex! and loved it! they should not go later to say they were raped! we know all about sex and who among us don’t get carried away and engage in a bit of rough sex? Julian Assange is good and the same with Bradley Manning and the ones who want to portray them as evil will not win! What Julian Assange and Bradley Manning did shows they are an Angelic force! I support them! we must honour them and honour all the real heroes like them worldwide!

    A bad government punish and fine good people and protect and reward evil people! we are the 99% a good government and will get in the way of the oppressive 1% the bad government, the truth is clear! it is the veracious ones that are destined to win eventually! the minority in power must remember that we are watching their every move and that they are to act justly and not to commit any crimes in our name! we want real freedom! and lastly the london riots were caused by the bad government that provokes people then punish people when people overreact out of great anger! the ones who are dominating unjustly never stop speaking and writing to cover up the reality of the system in England, it puts people under very heavy pressure that drives some people literally crazy! Now people who are in prison and rioted must speak if they have been provoked and given a criminal record unjustly before the riots occurred, people must communicate and bring the hidden truth to the surface! to expose injustice through talk is the way forward to overpower the ones who think they can give criminal records to people unjustly and get away with it! the system is a thief and a monster to be resettled to the ground! now we are in a position to argue and tell the ones who are dominating unjustly that they must give up their unjust and ruthless control we don’t want it, we will not put up with it! how can we bear what is very hurtful, how can we bear to be made to feel worthless if we have no money and made to feel that we are trapped in an open prison where only the 1% are free! and the 99% have a life from hell where they have no protection against negative change that is unavoidable? The system that oppress people must collapse! what we need is a new beginning and we must support all movements of justice, we must take every opportunity to communicate and speak against what takes place behind closed doors so we can see what is really happening and do something about it and not be afraid of exercising our democratic and divine right to speak against any form of injustice especially money injustice worldwide! we must take every opportunity to take the steps necessary in our everyday life to make our world a better place, together we will be victorious. Thanks for reading!

  7. I agree with Matt. I am not a banker, yet a worker in the City and also part time masters student (and hopefully soon a mother on top of all that) and have been affected many times over the last few months by your actions. Last night for examole, owing to the group’s rave up at UBS Sun Street, I was kept awake until 2am by police helicopters monitoring your actions. I now have to go to work on 4.5 hours sleep. To work by your protest camp. That is an embarrassment to any clients I may have. Also, last weekend you occupied a building outside our bedroom. Is it right therefore that I should feel victimised by your actions?

    I’ve had to work hard for what I have and it certainly wasn’t handed to me on a plate.

    I have followed bankers’ pay patterns and ideas to curb the disparity in pay in the UK and wholeheartedly agree that a lot of people are significantly overpaid for what they do, especially in light of the financial crisis. However, I very much doubt your actions represent a mature protest against this. What do you want? How do you want it to be achieved? No one seems to know.

    For the sake of people like myself, please figure out sane answers to these questions, and stop negatively impacting on the quality of our lives.


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