Saturday 19th – UK-Ireland Occupation


Saturday 19th November 2011 (OLSX/OLFS)
1-2pm     Delegate speeches (up to 5 minutes each, giving brief description of
  OLSX               occupation, who is there, what you are occupying for/initial statement,
                            legal updates, problems encountered and visions/future directions)
2-2:30pm     Mingling and break-outs, for all to meet occupiers from other places      
2:30-3:45pm   Invited speakers (5-minute talks of individuals and groups                                                  highlighting common aims with the Occupy movement and suggestions for working together, and international occupy updates)
         Barnet Alliance for Public Services (Tirza Waisel)
         UCU (Marc Campbell, 30th November call-out)
         UK Uncut (Jake)
         Single Mothers Self-Defense/WinVisible (Kim, Claire, single                                                 mothers and disabled women against welfare cuts)
         Education (Student Activist/OLSX Tent City University, TBD)
         Campaign against Climate Change (OLSX EEE group, Cyril)
         Climate Justice Collective (Maddy)
         Rachel Mariner (occupy half-term, winter carnival proposal)
         Queer Resistance (TBD)
         Women Against Rape (WAR) (Lisa)
         Women of Colour in the Global Women’s Strike (WoC in GWS)                                                          International Commission (OLSX, Ragnhild)
         Nice/anti-G20 protest (OLSX finance group, Sam)
5-6:00pm       30-minute discussion groups run in double parallel sessions
  (OLFS)       Rachel Jeffrey (can the church help the occupy movement?)
               Barnet Alliance for Public Services, SMSD/WinVisible (cuts)
              WAR (sexism and violence on camps and elsewhere)
               WoC in GWS, Queer Resistance (how to deal with discrimination 
7:30-8pm       Report-backs from 4:30-6:30pm discussion groups/workshops and                                    introductions from late arrivals (Occupy IOW, Squash, OWS etc.)
8-9:00 pm      Open space (audience invited to suggest topics (1-2 minutes per                                     suggestion) relevant to the meeting, temperature checks and break-up                         into discussion groups), followed by discussion and report-backs
 9-11:00pm      Music and entertainment – please bring your own instrument(s)!
 11.00pm       Please respect the need to sleep in preparation for big day tomorrow


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  1. Occupy St Pauls and Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”, mentioned in academic’s blog:


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