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Saturday 13th April: A Day of Activism. 1000 Mothers March Haringey, London


As many people must have known via the Social Networks and the internet Independent media about all the activism by UK Uncut and the DPAC (Disable People Against the Cuts) happening on the Saturday.

As livestreamer, I decided to join the other lesser known action of the 1,000 Mothers March in Haringey London. Afterwards the Trafalgar Square Street Party called by the Anarchist group Class War, back in 2006, to mark their survival after Thatcher and her pernicious neo-liberal agenda. As one banner point out “Thatcher is Dead, now time for her “ism”.”

Introduction: Apologies but I was running late

Video streaming by Ustream

Speeches and then the main march

Video streaming by Ustream

Speeches in the Park

Video streaming by Ustream


Video streaming by Ustream


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