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Saturday 10 December – Occupy Our Neighbourhoods at St Paul’s



At this Saturday’s  lunchtime General Assembly at 1pm at at St Paul’s we will be preparing for Occupy Everywhere Day (Thursday 15 December).

We’d like to invite you to come along and get involved and help to plan together to anything from info stall to guerilla gardening, flashmobs to teach outs with the aim of getting neighbours across London together talking.

It is time to reach out to our local communities – sometimes boldly, at other times tentatively but nevertheless collectively.

Saturday’s lunchtime GA will provide space for London lovers, neighbours and visitors to discuss plans for occupations, teach outs and other actions specific to the local areas of London. Here is a brief outline of what the day aims to acheive and how:


  • To empower people to do their own occupations, actions and events across neighbourhoods of London and attract more people to St Paul’s by planning small actions branching out into the local neighbourhoods of London for Dec 15 Occupy Everywhere day
  • To invite local organisations, political campaign groups to attendas well as getting existing Occupiers and supporters to hear what everyone else is up to


  • Chalk an outline of London on the floor of the General Assembly, including some place names
  • After a brief introduction ask those assembled to stand in the vicinity of the area where they are most familiar. And ask them to form groups of 10 or so. Ask each group to appoint a facilitator and 2x minute taker, one of whom will keep the contact list, pass three names to Info tent and start correspondence between the group.

Hand Outs – blank spread sheets to be filled out

  1. List of contacts in group
  2. List of venues and contacts locally alongside potential actions and name of person who will chase
  3. List of issues arising in local area

Next steps

  • Agree concerted efforts on the part to contact anyone who they think would be interested in attending and getting involved in Occupy Everywhere.

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