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Sad Upsetting Morning by Lauren Hopkins


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Update: 5th April 2015.
Wanted to let you know that my neighbour Eric died in hospital Friday so thanks so much to you for sharing my original post, and please pass it on with lots of love xxx ~Lauren Hopkins.

Sad Upsetting Morning by Lauren Hopkins

Sad upsetting morning. Elderly man knocks on my door with no shoes and socks on saying he lived here. Clearly cold and confused and luckily a neighbour knew where he lived. He has terminal cancer and clearly vulnerable so I gave him slippers and took him round the corner to his flat. The place was filthy, unsanitary and a hazard. I saw a rat the size of a cat in his kitchen. He was screaming of pain and had to wait for over an hour for an ambulance. Stacks of unopened post which I read and found a letter for DWP reducing his benefits to £20.62 a week, then to reduce further to £16.53 a week in April. No family..no one looking after him except his amazing neighbours who have been feeding him. Amazing ambulance crew took one look and off he went to hospital with unbelievably high blood pressure.

I am so ashamed of our society that we allow extremely vulnerable people to experience this absolute nightmare. It only takes One person to get a local voluntary group going, just to check on those you know you are vulnerable in your street or local area. His neighbour Pat and I are starting this just for our few little streets here, and we have a lot of elderly and disabled in our area so I’m hoping we can at least show our local community we care about them. Times are tough for everyone, but more for some than others. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do anything, then please do. No one else will.


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