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Runnymede Festival of Democracy Lives!



Runnymede Festival of Democracy Lives!!

I contacted the Festival organisers last night to see if they still wanted me to do my talk on The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought at the Festival on Monday at 11am and this is the text I got back:

“Yes we do! Determined festival goers enjoying the talks. Will be mission. but sure you can do it”

So in true Occupy tyle despite massive over the top unnecessary police oppression, they continue with their event.


Runnymede eco-village, which was set up following the amazing 2011 Occupy London protest at St Pauls is staging a Festival of Democracy this weekend to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

The full democracy festival programme for today and tomorrow (15h June) are here:

Meanwhile, as the Surrey police aggressively tried to shut down the democracy festival, the establishment is staging their “celebrations” with a bizarre orgy of monarchistic subservience!

Today a statue will not be unveiled of democracy campaigners or martyrs over the centuries in Britain, such as the Suffragettes/Levellers/Diggers, seeking to gain power for the people over the monarchs and barons but rather offensively a statue to King John’s successor Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
(Family name changed to made-up Windsor name in 1917 for propaganda reasons).

http://www.getsurrey generic diflucan australia.co.uk/news/surrey-news/magna-carta-queen-statue-set-9420066

The million pound “Royal Barge” is also being used to add to the Royalist propaganda around the events.

Meanwhile tomorrow they are cynically unveiling a statue to commemorate the introduction of the right to be tried by one’s peers according to the law.

The fact that this is being done at a time when access to the law is being denied to millions through the slashing of legal aid, does not seem to bother them.

The Magna Carta was about establishing the rights of the Barons and the Monarchy. It was a tiny but symbolic step towards democracy and the rule of law, which has had to be fought for every millimeter of the way, down to today from 1215.

It seems to me that Occupy is now involved in a wider 21st century Battle of the Barons.

Today in my opinion, that democratic power that should reside in we the people, instead corruptly resides in the 21st century banking, fracking, vulture capitalist, oil, tax-haven, corporate, 1% barons and the 5 right-wing extremist media moguls who use their media mega-monopoly to protect and collude with their fellow 1%ers.

This Prostituted 21st Century Baronial State is trashing our planet and trashing social justice and now its seeking to protect their power by trashing what remains of our human rights!

Their purchase of our democracy is exemplified by this week’s hijacking of another of our political think-tanks The Centre Forum by the billionaire Paul Marshall and his imposition of the far-right Orange Booker David Laws as “director”.

The Centre Forum was the vulture capitalist vehicle for the hijacking of the Liberal Democrats for a right wing agenda and the resulting destruction of the party.

This followed in the exact same pattern of how the billionaire Lord Sainsbury funded the New Labour right-wing coup that led to the Iraq War.

If any of the Runnymde eco-villagers or any other Occupiers want a free ebook version of The Prostitue State (www,theprostitutestate) – please email me on contact@3acorns.co.uk

Hopefully see some of you in Runnymede on Monday for my talk or other Festival of Democracy events during the day.

Peace love respect
Donnachadh x

PS I have been in touch with Ben Kidd the Indymedia photo-journalist and democracy / eco/social justice campaigner, arrested whilst filming the police attack on Friday and who was outrageously held overnight, for refusing to leave or stop filming the police. I am pleased to say he is in good spirits and well up for tackling the false arrest. He is a hero. x


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