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Rio Tinto the Ugly Truth. Livestream by Occupy Mayday.



Rio Tinto the Ugly Truth. Livestream by Occupy Mayday.

London-based Rio Tinto is one of the biggest mining companies in the world. It has a long history of conflict with communities and workers.

This meeting shows us the Voices of Resistance against these corporations poisoning the world for their profit.

This is the live video stream from the Occupy Mayday channel.





Shout out for people to join the demonstration outside the Rio Tinto AGM on Tuesday.


After last night’s great event, Voices of Resistance, what can we all do to support workers and communities suffering because of Rio Tinto?

Here are a few ideas – see if any of them appeal to you, play to your own strengths, come up with your own suggestions!

Join the union-led demonstration outside the Rio Tinto AGM, 9.30am on Tuesday 15 April http://londonminingnetwork.org/2014/04/rio-tinto-the-ugly-truth-demonstration-9-30am-tuesday-15-april/

Inform yourself: read the information at http://londonminingnetwork.org/rio-tinto/ and sign up to the LMN email news list – use the sign up form at the bottom of our home page, http://londonminingnetwork.org/.

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#PeopleWitness #RioTintoVoices
Ugly Truths RioTinto AGM. Interview with IndustriALL Global Union. DTG15042014

Rio Tinto Profits from the genocide of West Papuans. DTG15042014


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