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Remember Ride London 2017


As cyclists enjoy the beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside and take on the iconic climbs of Leith Hill and Box Hill, remember that the land here is threatened by the unconventional oil industry. Companies operating under the umbrella organisation UKOG want to drill down several kilometres and then use pervasive processes known as #fracking and #acidisation to exploit oil trapped in rock formations trapped under the soil. Fracking involves horizontal drilling, then pumping a toxic brew of water, sand and carcinogenic aromatic organic compounds under pressure into the ground. Acidising adds strong acids such as hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid in order to help stimulate oil flows. This will contaminate the water and soil and industrialise huge swathes of beautiful countryside including the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where the county’s highest point lies. There will be noise, traffic, gas flaring, pipelines as well as oil spills which will destroy common spaces we all know and love. If this is allowed to continue, Ride London will cease to exist as we know it. Do you want to live in an oilfield? Thought not.

Join the campaign to #SaveLeithHill from Europa Oil and Gas. Nearby Brockham has an oil BP conventional well which is being adapted by the extreme energy industry. The company drilled a sidetrack without the correct planning permission earlier this year. Are these the kind of people you want in your community?

Follow these groups to find out more and keep an eye out for water protectors who will be handing out leaflets en route today. Enjoy the ride. Savour it. The landscape may look different next year if we don’t act now.

Save Leith Hill
Brockham Oilwatch


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