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Reading the Times is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter



Reading the Times is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter by Aengus Mac Og

Reading the Times these days is like reading a Tory Party Newsletter and much more dangerous. Papers define themselves by what they ‘report’, how they report and what they leave out. The Times routinely misses stories that contravene the editorial policy of proffering right wing doctrine. It is this approach to reporting that makes the newspaper a much more effective way of conditioning opinion because opinion is given under the cover of ‘news’.

And what news we have today. I say ‘news’ advisedly. On the front cover alone we have two good examples of the kind of bias we’re talking about. Firstly, Cameron has been nothing but obstructive about the election debates to the extent it’s been difficult for all of us to keep up with want this petulant child really wants, although essentially it’s about diluting the enemy because he can’t face it. Remember that nuzzle (yuch) against his wife’s head after that conference speech? Anyway, in the Times today, it of course spins it the other way and it is now, astonishingly, “Cameron’s final offer”…

Second, well this never ceases to amaze, but yes “Good times” to roll with Osborne giveaway because of “booming economy”. I mean let’s not even go there but I do wonder to what extent such partisan proclamations are arrogance or just delusion.

After criticising the Times on Twitter the other day Daniel Finkelstein proceeded to throw at me insults and accusations of “mouthing off” and being “ill-informed” amongst other things. I guess it’s a standard tactic, if you can’t answer the question, discredit the questioner. Classy. And he’s a peer. Says a lot. Having read the Times for years it was interesting that he should adopt this approach, it was more foot soldier than peer, but not surprising given the kind of ‘reporting’ in that newspaper these days. It is what is is. Today’s front page alone tells us this and surely it must go down as the most expensive newsletter ever produced! Btw it’s a much better read when you see it as such….

I did actually respect the Times once upon a time but these days it’s just dangerous. The Sports section is good though and Culture magazine.


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