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Rational Reaction to Irrational Corporate Insanity.



My / our rational reaction to irrational corporate insanity
My / our rational reaction to irrational corporate insanity? by Donnachadh McCarthy

On Monday morning I have my first preliminary hearing in court for the criminal offence of chanting in a tiny pop up tent at the feet of the Gandhi statue in Parliament Square. The meditation protest was calling for the criminalisation of fossil fuel exploration.

So what is our new government, headed by the man who lied when he said he wanted to lead the greenest government ever, promising to deliver in the new parliament?

Is he setting up a new Energy Efficiency Authority?
Is he setting up a new Renewable Energy Authority?

These organisations could help convert Britain to a modern renewable energy economy and help save Britain’s and the planets future shores, economy and ecosystems.

No – they are not.

Here, from the Queen’s Speech is what he is promising instead:

“The government will introduce an Energy Bill :
The Bill would formally establish an Oil and Gas Authority as an independent regulator, which would take the form of a government company, charged with the asset stewardship and regulation of domestic oil and gas recovery.

Give the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) the powers it needs to become a robust, independent and effective regulator, and enable it to maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas from UK waters.

The commitment to end new subsidy for onshore wind farms will be delivered separately, and DECC will be announcing measures to deliver this soon.”

So The Prostitute State wins – and ensures that our own government facilitates speeding up the destruction of our own country and the wider world’s.

As I have written here before, scientists have said we can afford at most to burn 20% of EXISTING fossil fuel reserves, without passing the dangerous tipping point of a rise in global temperatures of over 2C.
We are on target to have burnt this within 13 years, in other words just a tiny 8 years after this parliament!!
Yet the global fossil fuel industry and governments plan to spend more than a TRILLION dollars over the coming decade on trying to find yet MORE fossil fuels. Money which in a society not bent on suicide, would be investing instead in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
To me this is the highest form of genocidal, ecocidal insanity – guaranteeing global human and ecosystem carnage on a scale that puts the two world wars together in context as a mere village play.

I along with my two Occupy Gandhi Three co-defendants, Mark and Petra, will be put on trial on Monday for opposing this insanity.

I am personally doing this as I believe it is the sane thing to do – in order to try and get across to my friends and public how deeply alarmed I am personally at what is happening.

I wanted to get across that in my opinion, the global community should be reacting at Emergency Disaster Level 10, whilst we have hardly got to Level 2.

I felt that I myself had been reacting at about Level 5, which was not enough in the light of the disaster that is now unfolding around us.

Doing this act of civil disobedience and being arrested for the fifth time over the last six months peacefully protesting in Parliament Square, I feel gets me to Emergency Disaster Level 8.

The question is will our actions alert anybody else to the level of urgent action needed?
Well the fact that about 40 people turned up at our act of civil disobedience indicates that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people out there in the UK, who believe we need to be acting more urgently.

If we could act together there is nothing we could not achieve.

As it is clear now we have to rely on ourselves, we the people, as our government has been captured by the oiligarchy and the 5 media billionaires who murderously oppose action on the climate crisis.

What should our rational response be now?
In my opinion it is:
Eliminating fossil fuels from our own lives.
Helping those around us eliminate it from their schools, homes, businesses and charities.
Mass direct civil disobedience to stop The Prostitute State from destroying our children’s futures.
Britain can and must be a renewable energy economy within a decade…
Yes We Can…… Yes We Have To !!

Love and hugs
Donnachadh xx

Banality of Evil. 30 Police to steal Occupy Tent: https://youtu.be/EhanG55ADaI


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