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Livestream: Radical Housing Network, Anti-MIPIM Public Meeting


Radical Housing Network: Anti-MIPIM Public Meeting

Original Invite:

We’re facing a major housing crisis.
Rents and mortgages are out of control and there are five million people on council waiting lists. Public land that should be used to build the homes we need is being sold off to speculators.

Our neighbourhoods are under threat from estate demolitions and gentrification. Entire communities are facing eviction. The wealthiest 1% – whose interests are represented at MIPIM – are profiting from the struggle of ordinary people to afford their basic housing needs.

There are alternatives.
We demand: No more sell offs of public land.
A national programme of council house building. Rent control and more rights for private renters. The decriminalisation of squatting.

Pete Kavanagh, Unite the Union Regional Secretary, London and Eastern, Jacob Wills, Radical Housing Network, Speaker from London Private Renters, Speaker from Southwark on the Heygate Estate.

We will also be showing a short film about the Heygate Estate.

Protests will be held at the MIPIM conference in Olympia on
Wednesday 15 October from 9.30am
and Friday 17 October from 5pm.

The meeting has been organised by the Radical Housing Network. The network brings together London based groups, trade unions and activists committed to housing justice, working on issues such as private renting, council and social housing, access to benefits, homelessness, squatting and co-operative housing.

Below are the the live video streams. Apologies as I did not have a tripod, so the first two videos were shaky.

Introduction from Pilgrim of Unite Community.

Pete Kavanagh, Unite the Union Regional Secretary, London and Eastern.

Michael a Private Renter from Shadwell

Mara Ferrari – Experience from Heygate Estate

Jacob Wills, Radical Housing Network (Digs – Hackney Renters)

Contributions from the floor.

Radical Housing Network Anti-MIPIM Meeting

Radical Housing Network



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