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PutneyDebates2014 Planning Meeting 13 May 2014,


Putney Debates Planning Group

Minutes – Putney Debates Planning Group
13 May 2014, Friends Euston

Present: Ellena, Steve B, Tim, Dave, Carl, Julie
Apologies: Mike G, Peter C, Chris FD

4/ Time frame – Saturday 25 Oct to Sunday 19 Nov 2014 – AGREED

5/ Event locations – seek further suggestions/ links but aim start at St. Mary’s Church, Putney

6/ Groups to Contact: suggestions in addition to initial list & Frank T’s – Breaking the Frame, IPPR, Frack Free, Reclaim the Power, DPAC. Women’s groups?? NEF.
Tim would liaise with Frank T about who various groups were and then make approaches. Approaches to use preliminary documentation (item 13) started by Julie. Accepted much would end up being delegated to working groups – formally alert them to start planning. (Dave will send email.) Did Julie say she would extend the list on a Pirate Pad? Tim offer to extend? Dave: remember not sufficient time for everyone.

7/ Controversy, gist, rough objectives (also see 13/ below)
Steve: irked by unwillingness in Occupy for controversy. Tim: but keep within guidelines of Initial Statement. Maybe subtitle focus ‘The State we’re In’ – comparing now with the issues in 1647. Elena: we could invite Will Hutton. Carl: need to stress immediacy of current issues. General discussion pro & con involvement of likes of UKIP – predominantly against. Tim: No party political platforms. Julie: all ultimately tied to democracy in its broadest sense. Tim: the property link to voting then has resonance in us all needing a share in the land’s resources, membership of the Commons. Dave: don’t downplay economics, no freedom without economic freedom.

Tim: note less essentialist notion of the individual in the 17th century – narrowed by political changes. Carl: own research re commons available. Aim to map available slots to key issues. Steve: notion of self, link with sacred found within historical background. Some 2012 events were boring & too often ‘sages on stages’ Dave: ‘names’ pull people in. Steve: importance of the environment. General discussion ‘scepticism’ on climate – not a prime focus but maybe addressable in passing. Tim: notion of who we are – avoid definition by neoliberal frame or hyper-responsibility. – counter to Ubuntu (philosophical, ‘bond of all humanity’, not the operating system) – be aware of the politics of the social construction of the self. Julie: re-emphasises avoid reductive ideas about democracy – not just the voting system e.g. Thatcher home owners could say a kind of democratic vision, must be broad enough to be about power relations embodied in ‘economics’. Lately it’s been reduced. Also note Diggers’ relation to environment. Much previously delegated to working groups. Also could link to e.g. WDM (World Development Movement), artists, community. Be nice to get the likes of Benjamin Barber (If Mayors Ruled the World) .. decline of the nation state – broaden umbrella, not overcontrolling.

Julie: 2012 Natalie Bennett gave hope. Natasha Ali’s production of ‘A shining light in Buckinghamshire’ v effective. Ask Ali Playford to write a play?
Steve: aim to be very creative – Little Book of Issues? Magazine? Be witty issues=babies state=mental as well as government – may draft an illustrative cover.

AGREED to link our events to the Initial Statement (inconclusive discussion of what it actually said). Basis of non-violence, particularly to persons.

8/ Generate more ideas of events: left over for now – await more suggestions.

9/ Social Media: Julie will re-set up Twitter account, start a Facebook page & revisit 2012 website with a view to development, & talk to John Bywater about website development. Dave will check-out crowdfunding element, but possibly seek someone else to take responsibility for the account. Livestream – film someone? talk to Obi & Inka n.b. Carl has experience of film editing – could contribute to design, discussion & development.. n.b. plenty of past footage. nb. Website & film link to ‘legacy’ (14/ below). Steve emphasises need for promo video.

10/ Outreach .. press, phone links, web, main media. Dave will contact Ronan for advice (others’ suggestions welcome). Flyers: Julie will contact a designer she knows.

11/ Carl – keep Putney Debates in title but it doesn’t necessarily sound pluralistic. Don’t frame it as just speaking.

12/ Dave will add Carl as another Riseup list manager. (1 or 2 more desirable.)

13/ Preparatory Documentation: Julie will draft at least a paragraph about the origins of the Putney Debates to help us present it and circulate it on Pirate Pad or similar. Julie will write an inspiring brief/callout for potential groups. Also on Pirate Pad. But emphasise need to personalise approach for individual groups.

14/ Legacy: see end item 9/ – but still need develop.

16/ Next Meeting: 6.30pm. Tuesday 3rd June, Friends’ Euston off café – corridor or quadrangle.

(If you want the 112 minutes recording of the meeting & chat email Dave separately as the data package is too large to go through the Riseup list


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