Present were: Obi, Vica, Mark W, Jonni, Jamie, Mike G, Inka, Dave D, Tim F, Ellena, Steve B and Andria: .

Mark kicked off with a comment about the importance of thinking about OBJECTIVES & GOALS; where do we want to go and how are we gonna get there.. There was then a slight fracas between a few guys about whether we were all agreed that ultimately our Vision was about greater social and economic equality. Dave D felt a little despairing that someone may not have got that yet…but not the case. phew!

So we talked about Goals: then Tim said we need to talk more about Vision, asking “are we a social justice as in civil rights movement? Are we reactive or are we proactive?”

Inka would like to see an update of the Initial Statement….. discussion. Mark and Vica said that they would be more interested in a new one to reflect where we are now; WHO we are now (Mk) Inka was also saying that we need to be talking more about what we are FOR; what we are fighting for; justice, fairness and equality and so on. Andria agrees a revision better rather than complete rewrite as it can take so long to do such an important piece of work. Julie says more activists ought to be involved such a key task. Jamie seem to agree saying ” when it was written, it was a random 500 people who put it together; that we shouldn’t let ourselves be frozen in time.” Earthian also said if people dislike a rewrite, they can come back and say so..

Steve said that strategy is also about behaviour and attitude, though Tim pointed out that those ways of being are more related to ethics according to his understanding.

Jonni said that skills are the tools we use to get our objectives achieved: depending on the objective, we would need to know who has what skills and what time.

Julie pointed out that an AIM is an Overall GOAL, whereas objectives are more about the how we will arrive at our GOAL(s) so for example if we want a more equal world , then we need a Monetary system that works…!

Vica asked that we think about
a) what we are now
b) what skills do people have?
c) That we need to make things happen within certain Time Frames,
d) with a Collective Understanding, of what who and how we are

That we must think about how we are going to get to where we are going/FIRST, where are we going IS a very important question. In the next meeting, Julie may talk to us about some work of Bill Moyer , which might be helpful

Turning the Tide.

Mark said he thought it was very good that we are making distinctions between goals and strategy and suggested we organise actions that hit many objectives all at once.

Mike had said that he didn’t like the word strategy as it is a word that comes out of war lexicons, and Steve sympathised with Mike’s position on that, though Julie then pointed out a book (Sun Tzu’s Art of War) that had war in its title and was one of the most useful books she had ever read.

Tim said we need to focus in on our S.W.O.T.s, that is to say our; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. He also pointed out that our vision will be closely-related to our values
Dave pointed out that we need to be seizing opportunities – REACTIVE, but also be more organised: PROACTIVE. He doesn’t like that we are still asking what are we fighting for!

Jamie then reminded us that something very special and important happened Oct 2011, AND that we are Custodians of that, and we ARE and have been for two years or more:-) Tim pointed out that we ought to be fluent in answering by now IF the “man on the street” asks us what OCCUPY is..

People came to us with real issues , e.g. about how the cuts are directly affecting their lives, and still others are wanting to come and they also need to be part of this discussion: Mark

Jonni suggested that we write a small leaflet that LISTS ALL OUR OBJECTIVES please; This could then be distributed to interested parties, Julie not so sure about that…

Andria pointed out that ACTIONS – our Direct Actions and other ones – are inspiring ; that “You guys are inspiring” but discussions about strategy can be a little off-putting, interesting and vital though they are

Chomsky talks about the crucial-ness of COMMUNITY when politically organising. When we get together and talk about strategy and so on, we are setting up greater cohesion between activists.




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