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Public consultation on use of water cannon in London, by Kris and Obi

The Future of policing anti-government protests?

The Future of policing anti-government protests?

The meeting room used for the consultation on water cannon only has room for 160 people.


The Metropolitan Police are asking Mayor Boris Johnson to allow the use of water cannons on protesters in London. Apparently there are more protests expected in the coming years, due largely to the impact of austerity cuts on the poor.

Some notes from the consultation (awaiting further information, this will be updated soon):

  • The police say they will only use water cannons (and plastic bullets) on violent protesters – who throw missiles, for example.
  • Each cannon costs up to £1m.
  • Water cannons can seriously injure and kill

Points made during the consultation:

The Met Police are claiming the need for them, due to the riots, but have admitted that using cannons would not have been effective in quelling the riots.

Met Police are not good at saying, they made a mistake.

It is very likely that water cannons will be used on black people first.

Our city of London has come to this. What will happen to our tourist industry if they start buying weapons? They are creating a war zone in the city.

During 3 hours of peaceful marching, riot police were called. Narrowly escaped kettle. Police were acting unlawfully. We are all part of the 99%. The police do not use their power for justice. Violent disorder is used by the police to crush any calls for democracy. Government is run by millionaires/ war criminals.

Boris Johnson is a stand up, who is laughing his way to become Prime Minister of a police state. In charge of the Stasi.
He was elected despite 80% of Londoners not wanting him. London may burn again, because water cannons are not enough to put fires out. Will police now cease forthwith committing violence, inciting it, on behalf of establishment who are mugging you in deploying another murder weapon?

Police will only use them for the most violent state of disorder.

When are you going to switch sides and protect the people?

People in the audience sceptical of the safeguards from the police.

Independent scientific body testing police equipment.

How independent? Very independent. Nothing to do with the police.
Based on Northern Ireland. Managed water pressure on scientific basis. No injuries in there use.

If you cannot manage and restore 60 bikes in Hackney. Turn around with no money. No money for bikes, then justify putting hand in public purse £90,000 or £30,000 each for these machines.
Are these consultations or are these tick boxes for the police. What is the real agenda for these cannons? From Evening Standard: Usage for the summer? What is supposed to happen this summer?

According to Daily Mail: 200 people were violent during Student Riots. London Riots. Systemic racism within Met Police. All videos show intrinsically connected. Bankers stealing money, students complain and they become the enemy. Black people 26 times more likely to be stopped by police. Police do not want to change tactics. Public want to change police tactics.

History shows disorder happens in the summer. There is no other reason. In terms for spend (£90,000). 2011, 2 people died and millions of pounds of damage.

You are asking for a dangerous weapon. “Trust us”. Evidence police cannot be trusted. Why should we trust you with water cannons?

All videos were about how to police protests. Johnson would not have used them in the riots. All examples shown were times they would not be allowed to use them?
Stop the Arms Fair. Police dragging person who was only sitting.
If you cannot police properly small demos, how can we trust you with these weapons that can kill and cause serious injury?

Police operate under rule of law : derisive laughter from the crowd. (compared to Stuttgart).

A few police have been punished. The government sacrificed a few people. We might have to go to European Court of Human Rights.

Police: Duty to protect peoples lives. We have no intention of changing. 3,000 Londoners will be consulted in a survey.

Where is Boris Johnson? keeps getting shouted to the panel.

Final decision is with the Home Secretary.

General anger and dissatisfaction coming from the crowd.


Public Meeting: Water Cannon Consultation, room for 160 attendees

Occupy Mayday was going to live video stream, but the seats were given on a first come first served basis. Disabled or otherwise.

Water cannons are a common police tactic for dispersing protests. In Turkey, the police use them to stop anti-government protestors from taking to the streets. WARNING: Graphic content.
29 Terrifying Pictures Of Police Hitting Turkish Protestors With Water Canons


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