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Volition is important and nobody should do what they are not prepared to embrace, but if you are of the inclination or have the impulse to stand up for life and against the economy of mass murder please let’s keep the people flowing. If you haven’t been to a demo before you will see the amount of police presence to protect the process of exchange of killing and oppression machines to those who use them. It shows where the Constitutions priorities lie. You are needed.

I’m trying to encourage those who are close or feel they should go to do it because it is only through people power that we can make any gains. There is no pressure for people to take part in any activity that they feel reticent about. Of course if people decide to embrace the moment with some practical civil disobedience it would be useful, but so will be manning the camp, creating displays, sharing info etc. Again this should be self determined and a decision taken in a state of inner peace and confidence in that persons observations of the truth.


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