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Police Harrassment at Parliament Square: Encounters with Inspector 184949


Psychotic Inspector MetPolice Harrassing Occupy Parliament Square.
Original Video Part 1. http://bambuser.com/v/5021071
Date Time Group: 24/11/2014 02:05BST
First Encounter with Inspector Two Pips 184949. Asks me whether I believe he would be intimidated by my actions.
Name badge upside down, he later places it right way up.
Claims that a person in the camp works undercover.
He then calls two people in the camp by different names.
Claims to be a Special.
Strokes the mic of the camera and is told by videographer that it is unwelcome and would be considered an assault. He continues.

Date Time Group: 24/11/2014 02:49BST
Original Video: Part 2 http://bambuser.com/v/5021127
Police are called to have Two Pips 184949 to be taken off duty as he was presenting a danger to the public. Name badge upside down for a second time.
The police looking onto area ignoring two Pips 184949 actions.

Date Time Group: 24/11/2014 02:56BST
Original Video Part 3 http://bambuser.com/v/5021133
Third encounter with Two Pips 184949.
Livestream and video made sure to follow him when he got too close to the resting people.


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