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Poem: Warriors Rise by Linwë Ar-Feiniel



Poem written today on the morning walk-down of the trucks at Barton Moss Protection Camp, by Linwë Ar-Feiniel

Give way, allow time
Thought riddles unravel rhymes
Seasons change, the river winds
Around the bend, the ivy climbs.
Whose voice cries strangled in the vines?
Whose wrath impels tectonic lines?
Whose face though weary, with wisdom shines?
Whose wealth untarnished, Herstory winds
From age to age, from mind to mind.
From fertile ground to boundless sky
One million stars twinkle in her eye
Her bounty endless, yet concealed by lies
Mirage-like ‘vanish points’ hypnotise
Where ignorance reigns Her warriors rise,
Her warriors rise,
Her warriors rise.
In the infinite pastures Her light sustains
That which is compounded cannot remain-
For this is the Law! An orbital plane
Where trajectory’s told in cyclical wanes
And waxes and pulses, vibrations, refrains
in camp-fire stories Her myths entertain
And echo from word, to symbols arcane
Languages lost, ancient races long-slain
In infinite form, and of infinite name.
A seed long ago planted is soon to be sown
Like a bubbling volcano Her vigour has grown
What is weaving Her magick can only be shown
If you open your heart, and let Her take throne!
A new age is dawning, so let it be known,
Let it be known,
Let it be known.


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