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People’s March for the NHS. #‎march4nhs

Jarrow Marchers leaving Edmonton Green.

Jarrow Marchers leaving Edmonton Green.

People's March for the NHS. by Obi_Live

I heard about the Jarrow March for the NHS and wanted to join, but real life interfered and I could not get the time off work. I jumped at the chance to meet them on the last day of their march from Edmonton Green to Trafalgar Square. Alot easier at 9.3 miles, rather than the 300 for the original 24 marchers, but my feet felt like I had used brillo pads on them. Each time we stopped, our numbers swelled. From a couple of hundred at Edmonton to about five thousand by the time we reached Trafalgar Square.

I have been asked why I am live video streaming these events and I can only reply that I am one of a group acting as Citizen Journalists and Witnesses of the public rejection of government policies.
A public rejection that is hardly ever reported by the licence fee paid monopoly called the BBC. For a yearly charge of £153, you receive propaganda, in line with the neo-liberal agenda of the government, and their corporate paymasters in the City of London. Our livestreams are mixed up with the excitement of the breaking news and the boredom of waiting for things to happen, but it is not false and you can see it all in it’s unedited glory.

I enjoyed the march and managed to catch up with friends and I spoke to a few of the marchers. One knew of the Scriptonite Blog and her reports from Gaza, and when I asked another how much weight he lost? He said none, as whenever he stopped, he kept being given tea and cakes.

It was a great day out on a Saturday afternoon and a very easy jaunt for an activist to pass the time. Meeting friends, plus gaining inspiration and information by networking with others. The medical staff and the grassroots people were inspiring, and a number mentioned the threats of the TTIP.

I did not find it worthwhile to listen to the politicians speaking, barely a year before the general election. Andy Burnham Labour MP (Shadow Health Secretary) did not mention the PFI £350 Billion odious debt. He did promise the NHS exemption in the EU-US Trade Agreement (TTIP). I do wonder why he agrees with exempting the NHS, but not other public services? Remember that the Labour Party have a wait and see attitude with the TTIP. They want to wait and see whether the 700 Corporations can create a trade agreement that would be good for the lives of 99%. I am too cynical about the politicians and always wonder about what they say and what they omit.

I was glad to note that I met many people who knew about the EU-US Trade Agreement (TTIP) and the Occupy Parliament Square event on October 17th, the day before the TUC March. These actions are the people rejecting government attacks on the 99% and I would encourage people to join in. After the whole day, I ended up going with a fellow Occupier to St. Martin’s in the Crypt Cafe, for tea and apple crumble with custard.

Start of the final leg of the Jarrow March. Edmonton Green to Clissold Park, Hackney.

Clissold Park, speeches and Lunch.

Red Lion Square Gardens, Camden to Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square:Olympics 2012 Drummers. An hour long, but a bit of lag.

Mhoust42 livestream nearer the stage, better stream quality. From Owen Jones onwards.

Trafalgar Square: Billy Bragg singing a few songs and Jo Allen, the Instigator of the Jarrow March–300 miles across UK

Original Event:
Hopefully all of London will come out tomorrow as they leave Edmonton 10 a.m. get to Clissold Park Hackney for lunch at around 11.30 – 12 and then onto the climax at Trafalgar at 3.30.


5,000 people take part in the last leg from Holborn to Trafalgar Square, raising concerns for the future of the NHS


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