Peaceful Resistance WG Minutes – Saturday 14th January 2012


Minutes of meeting of the Peaceful Resistance Working group held 2pm at TCU. on Saturday January 14

Only 3 people present (joined by a fourth near the end)

Liz, Max and Ronan, so we felt we didn’t need a facilitator.

Max had brought some print outs of various texts concerning non-violent resistance – helpful and inspirational.

We discussed various ways in which we could support each other in maintaining a peaceful resistance, including trying to ensure that no-one got isolated.

We discussed non-violent strategies, including sitting and linking arms, singing, being silent, chalking our hands white or wearing white gloves, taping our mouths.

We spent some time discussing possible scenarios, including people being outside a possible police barrier and unable to directly participate after having come to St. Paul’s upon hearing of the eviction and what peaceful resistance they might employ.

We agreed to encourage Matthew to provide legal rights cards.

Next meeting Monday January 16 2pm  geo-dome (entrance inside library)  All welcome.


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