Participative practices for Local Assemblies


Venue : Friends House Euston – in the courtyard.

Local Assemblies are building momentum in our communities . This is a result of the convergence of several strands of political activism: Occupy activists identifying local people’s assemblies as a way to build an alternative political movement from the ground up; the work of local activists on the ground – often in borough uncut groups and unions – engaging the community in local campaigns; as well as the recent call out from the Peoples Assembly against Austerity.

There is a real excitement about supporting the more participatory-emancipatory strands within the movement, and around the potential to innovate new solutions to perceived problems using some of the lessons learned from Occupy, and by utilising the many cheap technologies now available. To respond to this we are holding a practical planning and discussion event for people interested in running a series of workshops to provide tools, info, training and resources in critical support of the people’s assemblies movement.

Workshops could include ( but are not restricted to ):

• social media technology to record, promote and collaborate on meetings – live-stream; twitter, facebook; pirate-pad; mumble; website including decentralised feeds

• legal innovations for building constitutions on-line

• Liquid democracy and other participatory techniques

• Facilitation – Seeds of Change consensus style; workshops; cafe conversations; etc.

• Taking minutes

• Developing a process of improvement

• Safer -Spaces

• Promoting inclusion and equality

• Developing local community charters

• Networking assemblies

• a joined up, strategic alternative political platform UK / worldwide

The meeting on Wednesday 17th July is therefore being convened to encourage a clear plan to support participative democracy in local assemblies. The session’s participants will be invited to explore how to take this forward.

There are existing opportunities that are coming up soon: David Bovill is offering to co-facilitate a number of Sunday workshop sessions and these will probably be at The Hub space in Westminster. It is envisaged these workshops will support the more participatory-emancipatory strands, and will involve three main areas of practice: strategic, political and technical.

Please share this meeting invitation and information with the present PA organising meetings so those attenders interested in a genuinely participatory approach can help co-produce a series of training and networking events.


Reports on the London Assemblies:

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