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Palestine Solidarity Demonstration London



Today 11th July 2014, There were World-wide demonstrations in support of Palestinian people, facing attacks by the Israeli War Machine. The people speak out against the horrors committed by Israel. The silence of our governments is deafening and they should be ashamed of themselves. #Palestine #Gazaunderattack #israel.

Introduction from Mhoust42 at 1700hours.

TheSilentAnon at the start of the Demonstration.

Rabbis for Palestine Interview 1. Rabbi Yacov Weisz

Rabbis for Palestine Interview 2, Rabbi Coren

Some of the demonstrators got on top of a Routemaster Bus.

From OccupyMayday at the height of the demonstration. No room to move.

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“We’ve had a few people asking where they can find out more, so we’ve compiled an ‘intro to Palestine’ resource list – http://bit.ly/U6hyvy – of twitter accounts, blogs, and books for people to check out to learn about the Palestinian struggle.”


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