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Save The Girls. Save Soho

By “Verity” for the Occupy London Social Media

“The fact is that sex workers have not been able to count on prominent feminists to support their long struggle for decriminalisation. Instead, establishment feminists have spearheaded attempts by governments to make it harder for women to work. Their stated aim is to abolish prostitution, not to abolish women’s poverty. That is an old story and it is painful that it is now enhanced with feminist rhetoric: disguising its anti-woman content by proposing the criminalisation of men.”

If you look at the ‘feminist’ organisations that get funding- like Object, Eaves etc, they are serving the agenda of religious and anti-migration groups. If you see who is given a platform to speak (Suzanne Moore et al), they don’t really rock the boat… the revolutionary potential of feminism is in its analysis of how power operates. ‘Feminists’ who see their role as being to bully transwomen or sex-workers are the ones who don’t see their role as holding power to account. So they get newspaper columns to spew out their hateful bile… they really don’t represent the feminists I know. How can you have justice under capitalism? And so how can feminism succeed under capitalism? Is it any wonder that the newspapers have to trawl a very narrow group of women to find a ‘feminism’ they can print? (Moore, Bindel and Burchill have been bezzie mates for decades- can you imagine if 3 mates got to decide the whole agenda on anything else?)

That’s aside from the careerism and corruption of the rescue industry. Eaves for example were commissioned to research sex trafficking and contracted to provide services to trafficked women. Is it any wonder that they came up with ridiculous- and now discredited- figures that are STILL quoted all over the place. Is it a coincidence that their agenda neatly supports an anti-immigration agenda?

Don’t blame feminism for the above. It’s the old white men still getting to choose what feminism we get to hear about; that is, the feminism that suits them.



English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP)
Facebook Page: English Collective of Prostitutes
December 17 – International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers


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