Organising Meeting – Minutes


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The Occupy London Organising took place on the 20th of June at 7:00pm and The Royal Festival Hall.

The intial agenda was a debrief and discussion of :

The Carnival Against Capitalism

The No Borders No Prisons action

They Owe Us

Additional agenda items were:

Community outreach

Reclaim the Power

A request from Andria to support the Drug Policy Reform initiative


The meeting was well attended roughly twenty people from different corners of Occupy including EWG, EEE, Press, Website, DA and individuals. We discussed the actions of the G8 focussing on their merits and their drawbacks. There was a discussion about Reclaim the Power that resulted in a working group [being organised by Jamie KF] to help discuss and organise Occupy London’s involvement with it. There was a discussion about the need for community outreach in the form of talking to people, stalls, leaflets etc. There was general support for Harj to develop some ideas and bring them to the group in the near future.


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