Organising Meeting Minutes 23/5/13


The first Occupy London [OL] organising meeting took place on the 23rd of May at the Royal Festival Hall. The meeting was attended by Occupy Radio, the Economics Working Group, the International Working Group, Occupy Welfare, Occupy News Network and several individuals operating outside of working groups. The meeting was called in an attempt to bring several groups within OL into one place to shared information and discuss the future.

The meeting began with a go around of feedback about what each working group is currently working on. Several points were discussed such as the “Break up the Banks” campaign, the newly formed Occupy Welfare group, a plan to Occupy speakers corner, the  Global Skills Xchange, the “They Owe Us” action in Canary Wharf and more.

After the go around there was an open discussion about whether or not to organise more meetings and if so for what purpose and in what way. After much discussion it was decided that the meetings should continue every month and have an internal focus. Unlike public assemblies the Organising Meetings would be about de-briefing actions, by OL and other people. This will be accompanied by a focus on future planning and coordination.

The meeting also featured a proposal to make a weekend camp to develop visioning, goal setting and training.

The next meeting will be arranged by Obi and Caroline on the 20th of June.


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