Organising Meeting – Minutes


Big thanks to all who attended for an extremely exciting meeting and big commiseration’s to all who could not attend.


Agenda points with summary:

Occupy The Arms Fair 

A mass action being organized by Occupiers and a coalition called Stop the Arms Fair and Turkish and brazilian groups was discussed. A member of stop the arms fair was present. The action involves a public large public call out to “Occupy the Arms Fair” The action is on the 8th of September. There will be a FB event created shortly and full OL endorsement will be requested in the near future.

Relevant dates:

Benefit gig for Stop the Arms Fair 18th of July


Turkish action on Millennium Bridge 28th of July


International Planning Meeting 5th August


Turkish Solidarity Assembly 

Monday 7pm st. Pauls.

Contact with turkish community has been continuous since the uprising.

They are very eager to collaborate.

It could be the start of a continuous process.

It needs a lot of help in promotion.


Reclaim the Power

General feedback on Reclaim was given by participants of the WG. There will be TCU. There are several structures being brought. There is an assembly on the 2nd of August to raise awareness and attract people wishing to go. There will be a go around at the assembly to help fund people who would like to go but cant afford the travel. A general request for more people to attend the planning meetings and take on tasks.


Police Spies Fashion Show 

Date: 4th August 5:00pm

Location: Scotland Yard

Description: Street theater highlighting the issue around police infiltrators and the effect this is having on women’s lives. This will be in support of the campaign Police Spies Out of Lives.

Getting involve: If you would like to get involve email Natalia at

Needed: If anyone knows any fashion designers or has contact with Vivianne Westwood please get in contact with Natalia.


Debt Action

International week of action on Debt and Austerity in mid october.

ICAN (international debt network) meeting in London at the start of October.

Next week meeting with people who met after the they owe us action.

Part of this will probably include how to form an effective Debt Audit group.

Question to form a debt working group in Occupy.

Contact Dave or Vica if interested.


International Convergences 

AGORA99 is being planned for the weekend of the 1-3 Nov in Rome.

The event is being organised by people from 15M, Blockuppy, Occupy and other grassroot movements.

It will focus on three axises. Debt, Democracy, Rights & Commons.


It would be really good to have a lot of people from the UK.

It’s a really good opportunity to learn where people are at on the issues above in their own countries, and let people know more about what is happening in the UK.


HUB meeting in BCN mid September promoting a social strike. Too short notice, but  great opportunity to meet before the autumn actions.

People’s Assembly 

People in the meeting felt that People’s Assembly is a problematic matter. There was general agreement that members of Occupy are welcome to participate as individuals if they wish to do so. Nonetheless some of us were concerned about members of Occupy doing events related to the People’s Assembly under the name of the group as a whole (Occupy London). There was also general agreement that groups and individuals should be free to act as they wish on reasonably uncontroversial issues. It was noted that there is quite a contentious and unresolved debate between occupiers that support the PA and occupiers who are strongly opposed to it.


Two remaining topics where left untouched due to lack of energy and time but will be noted for exploration next meeting:


Occupy funds and

Occupy London’s process for making collective decisions.  




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