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Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR


Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR…

Had to take a few hours of pause away from Preston New Road… re-charging all that is running low on what’s needed to proceed; from phones and laptops, to self. I haven’t caught up with changes since I left before lunch – there were still four mighty truck surfers holding trucks back from their chores and a lock-on was cut out at the gate as the Women’s Call 2 welcomed newcomers to these ways of protecting all that matters – becoming the Protectors. Just heard too that the afternoon lock-ons are in place 🙂

We’re still awkward and it’s not easy – each group or small cluster or even individuals… plan and execute actions in secrecy for obvious reasons… leading others to wonder if enough is being done… just before another thing happens and it’s clear that more is being done than was known. Then there are longer-term goals being met by others through ‘build-up’ actions that aren’t clear either. We’re getting better every day at what we do – new techniques and the ability to better co-ordinate are the gifts we receive from each other at the roadside… Reclaim The Power playing a much needed role this month in rallying and equipping residents and groups here – faith in our own ability to succeed is growing.
Our Tune…

There’s a soundtrack to this world that’s emerging from the side of a road in Lancashire and countless other places of resistance… the music, made up of the note each of us strikes. Not just the humans but the apparatus we use in our resistance…

-the rapid clunk, thump, screams, shouts and urgency as a lock-on action falls into space and locks into place to prevent the passage of those who would harm our community

-the hush, distraction in the distance and roaring whoop of rejoicing as a truck surfer surges up the vehicle to hold it back from its treacherous task

-the whispers, silence and song of a harmony of women in white as they call peacefully for calm to come to soften the crash-bang-whollop of what feels like a battle zone and create the opportunity for newcomers to more softly enter

-the background (virtual) hum as images, videos, letters, research, petitions and sharing rise and fall, spread and sprawl to shift knowledge, awareness and truth around a web of connections and beyond

-the anthemic roar of a march that passes beneath a tunnel to echo a tuning tone that gets us all reverberating with the same note in one mighty moment in unison

The Orchestra of us is creating the soundtrack that will be continued by our children and theirs… composed of our many parts and dedicated hearts.

A soloist is lovely for a while but introduce orchestral backing, focus in on the beauty of the strings, the boom of the percussion, the flutiness of the flute… and the song of the unity of us, begins to become magnificent.

Our diversity takes a while to find its harmony when new notes arise but we settle… in time; to find where we and our own particular note fit in. No single instrument, sound or tone matters more but each can have their moments or join with others to raise the volume, before falling back into the rhythm section or take a poignant pause for breath…

It’s not easy to explain sometimes why a Women’s Call matters as much as a lock-on or a slow walk – but it does. It brings soft notes once absent, to the song and we need all the notes if we are to succeed.

Long may we make beautiful music together <3 ps… we haven’t even heard the single transformative note of the symbol yet 😉


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