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Open Call for a European Day of Action


Open call to join forces for a massive European day of action and mobilisation

During the EU Spring Summit in March 2013

Following the call for action launched at Firenze 10+10 to mobilize for an European a day of action around the Spring European Council Summit; social organizations, social movements, trade unions and citizens gathered in Brussels the 15th of December.

We had a constructive meeting in Brussels, we welcomed the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) call for a Day of Action around the Spring European Council Summit the 13th or 14th of March, but since neither the format, the alliance building, the concrete date was clear, we had to postpone several concrete decisions.

However the following was decided:

·         The day(s) of action will take place 13th and or 14th of March 2013, depending on the date of the ETUC demo.

·         The day of action will either consist of one (with both central and decentralized actions) or two days, one decentralized and one central in Brussels.

·         The following slogans were decided:

–                   Our Democracy against their austerity! (main slogan)

–                   Abolish all the austerity treaties and legislations!

–                   For an ecological Transition!

–                   Disarm Financial Markets!

–                   Debt: Don’t owe, don’t pay!

–                   Fire the Troika, not the people!

·        We set up our own coordination platform to organize the centralized and de-centralized actions. The volunteers (open to more participants) were the following: Kenneth Haar (CEO), Sol Trumbo (TNI), Jason Nardi (Social Watch / Coordination group of Firenze 10+10), Martin Konecny (CEO) and Andy Storey (Irish Debt network)

All are invited to think, write us proposals and/or be present at the next meeting to build up the European Day of Action.

Next meeting: Brussels, 26th of January (Place and time to be announced)

Issues to decide in next meeting (by now):

o    Type of Actions, including if we will call for a very specific kind of action with a specific message

o   Date(s)

o   Centralized and/or decentralized day of action

o   Channel of communication with the ETUC





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