#OccupyLSX – Proudly presents: THE MONOPOLY BIKE RIDE


JOIN US: FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER for a pleasant afternoon cycle around your favourite London destinations from the Monopoly board game. Mixed-in, of course, with a liberal helping of the City’s financial institutions and regulatory bodies – which collectively play games with our financial future.

BRING: A safe bike (with lights if possible). Alternatively, bikes will be available for hire: please email occupylondoninfo@gmail.com in advance so we can gauge numbers.

ASSEMBLE: At St Paul’s Cathedral (near the giant monopoly board!) from 2pm, departing from 3:30pm.

DRESS CODE: Wear a suit with top hat and cane/umbrella


  1. Bow Street
  2. Whitechapel Road
  3. Liverpool Street
  4. Kings Cross
  5. Marylebone Station
  6. Whitehall
  7. Fleet Street
  8. Trafalgar Square *
  9. Oxford Circus
  10. Bond Street
  1. Bank of England
  2. London Stock Exchange
  3. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom
  4. Corporation of the City of London
  5. H.M Treasury
  6. Barclays
  7. Citibank
  8. RBS
  9. Lloyds
  10. HSBC
  11. Merryl Lynch
  12. Bank of America
  13. Goldman Sachs
  14. Bank of New York Mellon
  15. JP Morgan Chase

ROUTE:  The route(s) taken will be dependent on participant numbers and will be decided at random on the day.


* IMPORTANT NOTE:  A memorial service and candle lit vigil will be held on Trafalgar Square to commemorate a man who was murdered on the Square two years ago. The event will take place between 19:30hrs and 21:30hrs. It is expected that 5,000 mourners along with family and friends of the victim will attend. This area should be avoided during this time to allow those grieving to have uninterrupted use of the site on the anniversary of the murder.


20 Responses to “#OccupyLSX – Proudly presents: THE MONOPOLY BIKE RIDE”

  1. Oh a lovely bike ride, that sounds nice. STOP PISSING ABOUT AND DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!

    Come up with some specifics, actionable demands, propose new legislation, say who you want investigated, say why, say SOMETHING that people can actually act on!

    • Here’s an idea ‘Gettingborednow’ why don’t you write down some specifics, say who you want investigated, say why, say something that the Occupylsx group could act on if you go down to one of the sites and make your presence, feelings and ideas known.

      • Because I’ve got a job and full time study to get on with, I just don’t have the time to get involved to that extent but I will happily give my support if there is something tangible and coherent to actually give that support to. But their isn’t and instead we see lovely little bike rides, stuff about Dale Farm, St Pauls and reams of minutes about “PROCESS!”

        You cannot realistically expect everyone to come down to London and sit in a tent for however many hours a day. You will necessarily have some people who can only give their support from a distance and you need to give them some incentive to do that, bike rides and process don’t do that.

        • …and lots of the people down on the site have other things they could be doing too, but they have decided to make time to air their views on a system that is corrupt, unjust and an ugly display of greed and abuse of privileged position. The Occupy movement, from what I can see, is putting a glaring spotlight on the topic and asking for US ALL to start debating such things as alternatives, that process has to start somewhere and that’s what we’re witnessing. A peaceful bike ride hardly undermines the Occupy movement and the issues they’re concerned with.

          • Work and study are not things that I “could” be doing they are things that I NEED to be doing. I can’t afford either in terms of time or money to come down to London and write a manifesto, however if these protesters have the time and money to go on bike rides, debate statements on Dale Farm or make banners then clearly they do have the time to come up with some real proposals yet they haven’t.

            “A peaceful bike ride hardly undermines the Occupy movement”

            It is a waste of time that could be put to better use formulating a real plan of action.

            Everyone is as aware as they’re going to be about greed and injustice; you don’t have to put a spotlight on anything you need to give people like me, people who are on the fence, a reason to support you and something to support.

          • ….and I haven’t got the time to get into a discussion that’s partly morphing into one based on semantics. You carry on with your studies and let others do the protesting and the composition of a manifesto. I’m sure, when completed, they’ll pass it by you so that you can apply your seal of approval :-)…and, just to clarify, I don’t believe anyone’s putting any pressure on you to physically come down to London. In addition, I disagree totally with your view that ‘everyone is aware’…there are people from all walks of life and of all ages that do not understand the banking system, it’s origins and inherent caveats.

    • Exactly. This movement is about all of us. If you want things to change join the discussion groups onsite or online…CONSTRUCTIVELY. We need you too!

    • Shaun,


      It comes down to this, Occupy LSX is asking people to support change without giving them any idea on how things should change.

      You can keep believing that it’s up to everyone to come up with a plan but that’s not realistic, most regular people don’t have the time or money or the breadth of knowledge and the best they can do is give their “seal of approval” as you call it.

      If, whenever the movement is asked about what is to be done their answer is “why don’t you come up with something” then the whole thing will amount to nothing which is exactly what is happening.

      “I disagree totally with your view that ‘everyone is aware’…there are people from all walks of life and of all ages that do not understand the banking system, it’s origins and inherent caveats”

      And a bike ride is going to teach them is it?

      You’re never going to teach everyone the ins and outs of economics, business and finance, that takes years of education and experience, reading a few blogs or watching a youtube video or two isn’t going to do that.

      • ….for heavens sake drop the ruddy bike ride issue, were you knocked down by or did you fall off one as a kid or something?

        ‘Semantics’= should/could

        Of course this god awful mess can’t be put right overnight and I don’t think the ‘Occupy’ movement believe this to be the case either, there is no magic wand. But the event is highlighting a very serious dynamic inextricably linked to our world society, the dynamic of banking (and all its complexities) is one that we are borne into and accept (somewhat blindly) as the only acceptable norm, this system is now taking the p*ss and people are saying ‘enough is enough’. In some ways I feel the international occupations are symbolic of this anger and discontentment, raising the profile of a problem and attempting to instigate debate. Discussions don’t have to be carried out at St. Paul’s or Finsbury, there’s nothing at all stopping people holding local meetings and feeding back to ‘Occupy’. As far as I know the protesters have never lead anyone to believe that they have all the answers to all the complicated and convoluted problems that we are feeling the brunt of.

        • I’m not asking for anything to be sorted out over night I’m just asking for some movement towards something tangible not side shows like Dale Farm or prisoner solidarity. I’m not going to join a movement if I don’t know what it actually stands for. Why do you have such a problem that?

          Occupy lsx is doing nothing, it’s not highlighting anything that people weren’t already aware of and it has nothing useful to say either about our current financial crisis or politics, it is as it stands an incoherent mess and it will remain so unless it develops some focus and sets an achievable goal.

          • Some don’t know what’s going on and therefore do nothing.

            Some do know what’s going on but decide, for whatever reason, to do nothing or think all’s ok.

            Some know what’s going on, disagree and have decided to act and start some form of debate, including gathering consensus on what all the options are, this is the stage (I feel) the protest is at, where all this will lead is obviously unknown…

            Just out of curiosity, have you had time to look at other Occupy movements either nationally or internationally (if only briefly)? If so, do you believe any of them are doing anything constructive/producing anything tangible or do they all, in your opinion ‘amount to nothing’?

    • participating in this political system isnt an option realy, as it ruled by the theives we want shot of. no wonder your bored you seem less aware of the world than me, and i`m a recluse who`s been on line for almost 3 whole days now. never even used a computational gizmo like this befor. but i`m looking after my daughters kitty cats and saw it on her desk and tho it took 5 nin`s to learn how to useit but 45 to turn the monitor on. i had to participate in the movement. it needs everyones support, not putting down or moaning at. if you only have negative things to say, shut up for a while and think about wot it is you would like to be done for humanity and then speak up. the movement needs input not put downs, far to much of that already.

      • Oh sorry, did I hurt the movement’s feelings with my perfectly legitimate and factually correct criticisms. You talk about democracy but as soon as people voice dissent against Occupy Napoleon’s pups come snapping out telling people to shut up.

        All of the above said I may take it back tomorrow if what I read is correct. According to a few sources there are to be a set of concrete demands published tomorrow, a few of which I’ve read. Unfortunately with economically illiterate things like “get rid of the stock exchange” I think I’d rather they did keep things vague. Here’s hoping what I’ve read isn’t true.


  2. So you slate the system but all claim benefits? Cheek.

    • …what a judgmental, inaccurate and ignorant observation! I find comments like that offensive, unproductive and down right scary. Put down your news(?)paper, switch off your TV and speak to some of those involved. You can do this either in person or go online at home or the local library (if it hasn’t been closed down) and get more informed (please).

  3. How can we support a cause that moans about how the world is but has no clear vision of a better system?
    This is a democracy, build a policy framework and present it to tge nation before claiming you have my support.
    You don’t you are threatening my livelihood and my pensions without showing the benefits, at least I know the rules of the game in the current flawed system.

    • Notquite99%,
      Feel free to join the 1% if you prefer their company, you never know 1 of them may be realising the error of their ways and make way for you !
      Rant over and seriously,
      do you really expect ‘occupy’ and others, who are not fully functioning political parties, to have answers all thought out at this very early stage of change ?
      I also don’t think they are looking for your support as you might give to current political parties. They are merely highlighting what is wrong with the current flawed system and expressing their frustrations with it, much more boldly than you or I are doing, and asking for support in wanting changes to it. The detail you are demanding is somewhat premature I feel, and pretty unfair to expect, which is a shame because I sense you are quite a reasonable person.

      I consider myself to be quite rational and sensible, some might even suggest I have gained from current system, but for the sake of my children and their future even I believe we need major re-balancing of wealth, far too much of which is held by too few. On this point I am sure you would agree, I would like to think.

      I understand your concerns but are they not simply selfish ones, and considering it is selfishness that has brought about the global economic worries, should we not at least thank those that are ACTIVELY doing something.

      I for one am ready to suffer some pain to better my childrens future, and if that helps others along the way then all the better for it !

      How about you ? I ask sincerely ?

  4. @Thisisrubbish I’m self-employed, not on benefits! Don’t believe everything you read in the Mail, or other papers owned by millionaires! I’m sure there are plenty of working people that believe directors’ pay rising 50% at the FTSE100 companies in the last year is a disgrace, when everyone else is being told there’s no money for pay rises (public & private sector). You think the “bankers” are working? They’re just gamblers who might as well sit in the bookies, betting on horses!

    @Notquite99% The whole system is broken & you who defend it have been hoodwinked by the capitalist propaganda that tells you that you can have a share of the pie if you work hard & play the game! The only people that do well out of this system are the tiny minority with power & money – they get more & more!

    Here’s an idea – scrap all the stock markets. Stop people making millions at our expense, simply from gambling with other peoples money & manipulating the markets to ensure they benefit from other peoples misery. Stop people using housing as an investment. A place to live is a human necessity, not a luxury plaything! Housing needs to be affordable, not a falsely propped up pension plan!

    And no, I’m not an anarchist……I’ve been centre right all my life, but I realise this system is fundamentally flawed & all the leaders are doing is fiddling with numbers, to maintain the status quo for as long as possible.


    • I love it when people who jump on the latest trendy band wagon accuse thinking people of being brain washed when they can’t see the Emporers rags.

      In what way do you think I am a brain washed individual, or that I am being denied a share of the pie that is more than I need ?
      I am quite happy with my share of the economy it gets me to Maslow’s third tier, the rest is not dependent on money.
      If someone else needs it for that, then good luck to them, I like to watch how they churn the wheel to get the goodies that they think will make them happy, knowing it doesn’t make a damn difference to them.
      Your idea is fine until you ask the question, how do people with ideas raise the cash to pay the staff to develop the ideas that will benefit the people?
      Tell me of a single medical achievement that has come from a non capitalist society ? I can think of one, but can you ?
      Before you start, no I don’t read the daily Mail (nice bit of Irony someone accusing someone else of being prejudiced and then assuming that they read the Daily Mail !)
      I have lived a life, not just in the UK but in Africa and in India, and I can assure you that it’s not just rich people that aspire to have more money.
      There is a saying that we start life as Socialists and we die as capitalists, do we become more naive?

      • the whole human race was born from a non capitalist society, early civilisations didnt have kings and rulers. they all partook of the decision making they had homes of about equal size with running water toilets. and about 3 or 4 thousand years ago some fool invented money, the rest is history.literally. i`m glad you have enough of everything yourself, but most of the planets nom7 billion people have nothing or next to nothing at all. this movement i hope has a more global view than just getting the “west” sorted out. i`m not sure why people think they need a billion quid of personal wealth, let alone 2 3 4 or more. grinding mountains to dust for gold, just to melt it into bricks and lock it in a room . its insane! better invest time effort and money into obtaining things we actually do need. this kind of waste for greed is as bad war profiting and theft. capitalism is about a free market, we dont have that either. monopolies and price fixing, both deliberate and thru the stoke market gambling rule out competition, or else things would be much much cheaper!!!


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