#OccupyLSX – Police Attendance at St Paul's Churchyard


Occupy London is aware that the police attended the London Stock Exchange camp at St Paul’s Churchyard at 5.30pm, following an anonymous tip off that there was an alleged firearm on site in a tent.

Occupy London co-operated with the police to resolve the situation and we can confirm that no weapons were found anywhere within, or outside of the immediate area.


12 Responses to “#OccupyLSX – Police Attendance at St Paul's Churchyard”

  1. Some idiots have nothing better to do than make malicous phone calls. Glad to see the Police seem to have taken a reasonable and not to heavy handed approach to this nonsense.

  2. Probably an insider from the Stock Exchange who made the call, trying to discredit a peaceful protest in order to protect their own corrupt/selfish/unfair system.

  3. Someone carrying a weapon was all the excuse the Oakland police needed to storm in and wreck the Occupy protest there – if you ask me they sent their own guy in to wander through the area with a rifle on his back. Clearly someone was hoping the same would happen here.

  4. Its okay for the police to carry weapons and kill people why not occupiers/Protestors?

    • shut up you fascist dick.

  5. Anonymous tip-off = they fancied having a nosey around, I imagine.

    Maybe somebody should tip off the police that they themselves have stores of weapons that fire potentially lethal rounds, I mean real ones, not imaginary ones that give police an excuse to hassle people exercising their rights to assembly and protest.

  6. corporation illegal right to rtemove protesters,or corporation /legal right to remove protesters,SEE THE CRAFTY DIFFERENCE HERE!

  7. bye the way a corporation is fictional,fake and illegal,you can’t have a few men dictating law…. over a zoo the whole of england,they are not real courts of law at all…………….we do have have real courts of law not this crown temple court,grays inn,lincolns inn and middle temple/////

  8. I’LL TELL YOU THIS if your a just person and don’t voilently attack any other people thats the only real law there really is FACT,IM A LAWYER….

  9. if people feel injustice though voilence is legal and legimtimate protesting too………..your tents are on private fake corporation land…….its legal,they are not fact.

  10. i don’t like your protest,you have fake anti capitalist among you,and bad new world order jews,not good isreali’s…….who runs hollywood,oscars,actors,mgm,warner bros,universal,paramount,all jewsish nwo…who runs wallstreet jews…who runs t.v cbs,abc,nbc all jewish…..its a fake protest………….WHERE ARE THE GOALS,PEOPLES WRITTEN OPINIONS TO GET ENACTED INT POWER……ITS ALL LIES..goood luck chuck.

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