Update – Date TBC for OccupyLSX in High Court


We have just received the notification below. We will update here as soon as we hear any further news.

Occupy London

Judicial Office ST 117 13/01/2012 [For Immediate Release]

Diary Date Advisory Note – St Pauls’/Occupy judgment

I’ve been asked to advise you that judgment in this case will NOT be given on Monday 16 January despite some reports that it will be handed down at 2pm. The confusion was due to an error in the Queen’s Bench Listing Office and they apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A note will be sent round once a date has been fixed.



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  1. the capitalisation of certain words is interesting especially “judgement” NOT being SO and the statement “A note will be sent round… .” suggests there is a loop and you R innit.


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