#OccupyLSX – General Assembly Minutes 6/11/2011 1pm


Minutes of the General Meeting
Date: 06/11/2011
Time: 13:00

Working Group Announcements

Environment, Energy, Equity: Meet at Ye Olde London pub 17:00 today
InterFaith: Callout to respect religious ideas. At 10:00 tomorrow there is a talk with Saint Pauls. Also the Saint Paul’s Institute will be releasing their withheld report on banking.
Health and Safety: Drains – All washing up liquid must be put down the drains located near the street and Victoria statue in front of Saint Paul’s steps. Do not use the kitchen drains.
Welfare: Meet tomorrow at info tent at 15:00
Live Stream: Needs volunteers to film meetings
Sanitation: 4pm today
Finance: Meet everyday at Starbucks at 15:00
Outreach: Feedback on yesterday’s rally and demo
Visions of Another World: Meet every Sunday
Tech: Skilled volunteers needed for computer, generator maintenance, electrics (wiring), programing. Meet today at 15:00 at the pub.

Announcements: 7pm GA facilitated by the Youth Movement Working Group.

Proposal: To have events in enclosed spaces to discuss future direction of the movement.
Questions to ask: What would we like (dream) to happen? Who do we envisage would be the users? What kind of venues would we like to have?

Breakout into groups: FEEDBACK
G1. Outreach into communities. Find local community spaces for discussion.
G2. We need a large Building and land, Small spaces (Libraries etc.) Universities, use spaces as ‘solutions forum’s’ ie a space for existing grassroots practices to further develop such as permaculture, food cooperatives.
G3. We need better dialogue with faith groups and Universities.
G4. Spaces to host ‘Free education’. Space for different groups to meet together. Occupy strategic buildings such as the BBC. A space to discuss ‘real’ politics.
G5. A space to unite occupy groups, unions. A space to engage local people.
G6. We need to take the camp/GA to the establishment. We need spaces to link with NGO’s and Unions. We need spaces to cultivate ‘self-sovereignty.’
G7. The tent University needs to expand to other sites. We need to develop spaces within spaces as ‘safer zones’
G8. Link with the workforce through friends (interpersonal skills). We need a neutral space such as a library (not the church)
G9. Link with Universities, lecturers, students, farmers, Mum’s

We have been offered a space by the Oasis Trust. It is a conference space available for use for two weeks in Lambeth North.
Cons: Oasis Trust (which is Baptist) runs privatised schools (Academies) and the concern would be one of association with this.
Test for Consensus: 50% Yes 50% No
Consensus not reached. Proposal goes back to group for further work.
Discussion of the proposal will take place in the pub at 15:00 after this GA.

Shout Outs
-Media meeting in the Pub at 16:00 today
-How about a physical workout every morning?
-Last nights’ demo had 11 arrests, 1 of whom is still in custody
-09:30 tomorrow, wildcat strike by cleaners at the Guildhall, meet at info tent at 09:15
-Get in touch with the Arab Spring communities in London
-Occupy Exeter begins (solidarity shout out!)


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  1. Thank you so much to the minute taker and the person(s) who put the minutes up here. I really appreciate you and know that is a big commitment. hugs. xx

    • Much appreciated by those of us who cannot get to London as often as we’d like to. Thank you


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