#OccupyLSX – General Assembly Minutes 3/11/2011 7pm


Working group feedback
– Shelter
Green pegs will be used to mark empty tents, making it easier for new coming to join. The group is meeting at 10am tomorrow (4 November), if anyone would like to volunteer.
– First aid
Call for volunteers. Everyone needs to work together to keep the environment clean, make sure everyone is washing their hands and water containers are clean. ‘Compared to Glastonbury, this camp is fantastic!’
– Media/Church liaison
Group issued a statement calling for a welfare assistant. Everyone needs to work together to create a welcoming space and help each other to create a better society. Working to set up a welfare centre to offer advice to people – call for help from people with knowledge/experience in social work to donate time.
Email general@occupylsx.org to get involved. Meeting at 10am in front of the info tent tomorrow (4 November).
– Sanitation
Call for help. Details in info tent, call John.
– Press
We’ve been asked to contribute to the Guardian. We’ll be taking over the Guardian’s ‘comment is free’ section on 9 November during the student protest. Editors meeting on Wednesday. Call for people to get involved.
– City of London working group
The group aims to democratise the City of London Corporation. The group is meeting to redraft the statement, following queries brought up in a previous GA. Meeting will be Monday 7 Nov at 5pm in the falafel place down the side on the left.
Working on ways to work with the Corporation. The City is taking collecting our waste (and there is lots of it) so remember to use own cutlery, plates, cups if possible. Venus needs help with the recycling.
– Direct action
Sat 5 November – 12pm face-painting to leave St Paul’s at 2pm to march to Parliament.
9 November – Students will be coming near here, we will be showing our support. There will be musical guests.
15 November – Our one month anniversary. Mass major call out to OccupyLSX.
– Supplies/Youth
More access to the Twitter account for working groups to share information with everyone. One centralised Twitter is better than lots of little Twitters.
DIRECT RESPONSE – Everyone cannot have access for logistical reasons. Can’t have people posting inappropriate comments from the OccupyLSX account. But there is a Google spreadsheet for working groups to post to. If you want info shared, get in touch with admin. Google calendar on the website for all working groups to post events/meetings to.
This is something to be discussed further having come out positive in a temperature check.

‘How can we make sure this movement does not replicate the same gender imbalance found in society?’

(Asterisks ** next to points with lots of jazz hands)

– More females on nightwatch. There is a guy at Finsbury Square training people up for nightwatch.
– Work out which areas are the worst problems.
– More female speakers.
– There should be a signal if you need help.
– Workshops in discrimination, eg/ sexism, racism, disabilities, desexualisation – don’t let stereotypes get in the way
**Raise profile of a safe tent/empathy tent
– Look at cultural history of male dominance
**Look at socioeconomic reasons why men dominate – workshop
– Women need proper support
**Men should challenge sexist comments and should monitor themselves
– Safer space police needs to be a working progress and continue to grow
**Make space for people and encourage everyone to feel confident enough to speak and participate
**Alphamales should use their power to create space for the more timid individuals, not just to claim their own floor space.
**Whistles used on nightwatch
– The environment we create is very important, eg/ Finsbury Square is very chilled out
– Gender mainstreaming – a body of people ensuring everything is gender sensitive
**Reach out to experts in gender mainstreaming – role reversal workshops
**Women (all minority groups) should be encouraged into all working groups
– Encourage sense of responsibility, don’t just turn a blind eye
– Possible protected female area of camp
– Group meditation, reflection sessions

**A letter from Egypt outlining the current position of the movement over there and showing support for the movement worldwide. Call for us all to stand together, across the globe. ‘Our strength is in our shared struggle.’  International day of solidarity – 12 November. A working group met on the steps after the meeting.
**Be aware of the environment. Keep the camp clean. Recycle!
-Respect and support goes out to Auckland, who placed a five hour block on a busy port
– Remember when discussing the inequalities of men and women, that women of colour have it even worse
**Respect and support goes out to Barcelona. It’s important we remember the history of our movement and study it, to ensure it can grow. Barcelona has created its own institution and has spread across the land. We can learn a lot from our brothers and sisters across the water. We need to study what is going on around the world.
– London Guildhall Cleaners – campaign for living wage. The Corporation is refusing to play cleaners anything above minimum wage and has fired a cleaner for setting up a union. There will be a demonstration on Monday 7 November.
– The City of London liaison group meets at 10.30am at the info tent and invites anyone who would like to join along.
– Finsbury square needs lots of volunteers
– Info Tent needs volunteers
– Nation public sector strike on 30 November
– 12pm tomorrow (4 November) Tony Benn will be speaking
– Help promote local business being affected by our presence – possibly the local hairdresser
– Workshop in how to deal with infiltrators, 11am in front of the info tent tomorrow (4 November)


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