#OccupyLSX – General Assembly Minutes 08/11/2011 1pm




Direct Action WG:

There is a student demonstration tomorrow, which will be joined by the Electricians
Union strike. Occupy will be getting involved, and have issued a press statement
that explains this involvement.


The Corporation of London have made further proposals regarding the occupation of
their land around St Pauls Cathedral, which OLSX’s solicitors received late on
Friday evening, and we have only just seen yesterday. We will be putting up this new
proposal up around the camp tomorrow for you to read. The goalposts have changed and
we will need to have more discussion to decide how to move forward.

Welfare WG:

This occupation has become a window on social problems and issues caused by social
injustice. The welfare group has come together to provide support for people at this
camp who may have physical or mental health issues, are homeless or unemployed, or
simply need support because living down here can be quite a stressful experience.

We are in the process of creating a relaxing space near the Tea Tent where people
can go to get services and support they need. There is not a full-time staff in the
tent currently, but we hope to be running full-time shortly. We will won’t turn
anyone away from this camp.

Open question: How can a homeless member of the camp register with a local Doctor
without proof of address?

Tent City University WG:

Derek Rawls will be talking about capitalism and socialism today at 2pm. There will
be a teach-out in Russell Square at 10.30am tomorrow, joining the student
demonstration just around the corner afterwards. On Saturday we have our best day of
events yet lined up: Professor Ha-Joon Chang talking about ’23 things they don’t
tell you about capitalism’, and John Hillary.

Open question: We’re going to need more space in our marquee – does anyone have any
ideas on how we can expand?

Membets of the TCU WG will be wearing badges so you can identify us easier. We need
more people to help us, please come and join us at 5om inside or outside Starbucks
(there will be a TCU banner).

We welcome submissions for events at http://www.tentcityuniversity.occupylsx.org .

Press Team:

We have put out a press release regarding out recent communication from the
Corporation of London (available here: http://occupylsx.org/?p=834) and regarding
Occupy’s involvement in the student demonstrations tomorrow (available here:

Join our meeting at 6pm tonight at Starbucks to get involved with the Press Team.

Energy, Equity and Environment WG:

We’re looking at the link between how the economy works, the destruction of our
environment and social injustice. This inolves campaigning and making the camp
greener. We should have solar energy to power the camp up and running in the next
few days.

We have 40 active members, and meet twice a week: Wednesday at 5pm, and Sunday at
5pm, at ‘Ye Olde London Pub’ on Ludgate Hill. Please come down to help.

Youth WG:

The General Assembly at 7pm on Sunday will be facilitated by the youth, about the
youth, and for the youth. We are currently coming up with a list of 10 points of
what teh youth movement stands for. Come to this GA and contribute.

Process WG:

We would like to focus on a register of proposals and discussions, so that people
can see and track what consensual decisions have been made. We think it’s important
to have more continuity across different General Assemblies, including a register of
working groups. We will be making some proposals about this soon.

Livestream / Internal Media WG:

Tonight at 9pm there will be a simulcast, live feed with Occupy Wall Street. There
are wonderful parallels between the 2 movements: both focussed on their respective
sotck exchanges, and both have run into resistance from the local ‘gendarmes’.
Members of OWS have a song to share, ‘We Are The 99%’.


– There are parents with children onsite, as well as lots of people looking to
create, film and teach. I’m thinking about creating a creche WG and art WG, but am
not looking for consensus now. My telephone number, for the creche idea, is
available at the Info Point.

– A new occupation has just started in Nottingham, the telephone number for
representatives from it, as well as from other occuptaions around the country are
posted in the Info Tent. Please call them, see how they’re doing, and if you can
support them.

– I have an idea to create PDF posters for the general public to download, print and
display in their windows that read ‘I’m Occupying London’ (and/or a selection of
cities or blank city for people to fill in), in order to let people who can’t be
here show their support. I’m looking for a unification statement to go on this
poster, and have ‘Together we can build a safe home’ as a starting point, but am
looking for suggestions.

– This is a no alcohol / drugs site. Please politley ask anyone doing so to move aside.



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