#OccupyLSX First General Assembly

OccupyLSX General Assembly

OccupyLSX General Assembly – 9/10/11, Westminster Bridge.

London’s first General Assembly took place on 9th October during wholesale jerseys UK Uncut’s Block the Bridge, Block the Bill action on Westminster Bridge. The General Assembly is the main decision-making forum for #occupylsx – as it has been for other international occupations, drawing on the model pioneered in Spain earlier this year. It’s a form of direct democracy, a space for debate that is totally open to the public – it’s there for anyone who wishes to make their voice heard wholesale nba jerseys and there is plenty of room for dissenting voices, although we try to reach consensus.

It is intended that the General Assembly become a permanent feature of the occupation, an open forum which will provide a platform for everyone to air their grievances, demands and proposed solutions. The hope is that the General Assembly will be allow us to create a list of demands democratically – a unified message that represents the sentiment of the 99%.

The turn out today was excellent, with around 400 people participating. After listening to presentations from representatives of #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyMcr (Manchester) and some who were present at the Take the Square demonstrations in Spain earlier this year, the Assembly split off into working groups of about ten people who were asked to think about their reactions to Occupy Wall Street, and the actions that preceded it, and what they mean for us here in London. What follows are the collated thoughts of our working groups – twenty of them in all.

What do we think about the demonstrations on Wall Street and elsewhere. What do they mean for us?

– We need to remember that not everyone has the same kind ДОЛГОПРУДНОГО of privilege – not everyone that wants to come down can come down.

– We had some discussion about tactics: Saturday is a nice idea but nobody cares because the city is going to be shut down anyway – if we’re trying to shut down the City, we should go on Friday! wholesale jerseys (It is not, incidentally, the consensus of the Assembly that the aim is to obstruct the usual working of the City.)

– Three points: One: focus on inclusivity. Two: Be organised. Three: Make it a message everyone can agree with. We are the 99% and the organisation needs to reflect that from day one, on the day.

– Occupation is good. We want to occupy. We think that OccupyLSX should be as inclusive as possible. We also think that just like this meeting, that that action should help plan other actions after the occupation. We should be linking up with the strikes on 30th November. We must have a list of clear demands. Rock on!

– The general sense of apathy amongst the youth must be broken. We must protect the NHS. We do not want an American system of healthcare.

– Inequality causes depression and greater inequality causes greater depression.

– We need to link up with other movements happening across the Lesiones nation. Let’s start exchanging contacts with each other

– We need to be as fun and accessible as possible

– We cannot win single issue campaigns. We have to have broader based campaigns. We have to force them to do what we want. Power means nothing without a demand. We are all born as individuals.

– We have all been inspired by movements across the world and we have inspired movements across the world. In order to link up with #ows in US, the movement in Spain Welcome and the students and workers in Greecel, Italy, the Middle East and Chile, it’s important that we go to the City of London, that we occupy the stock exchange and that we work with people across the world for a fair and more democratic society. We are an example of democracy in action.

– I’m a Palestinian who has been on the wrong side of occupation. It’s been proven by the Israelis that it works… If they call you criminals, you can tell who the real criminals are. You can legimately occupy.

– We talked about the creation of money cheap mlb jerseys and how the money system is turning us all into debt slaves. We also talked about those that control the means of production. We also talked about issuing protest currencies

– We need to get people involved with the NHS involved with this.

– We need to create public spaces in places that are private like the London Stock Exchange. We need occupation to change the priorities among the youth and the population in general. During the occupation we need to have discussions, entertainment and the engagement of all who attend.

– In our group we talked a lot about taking inspiration from global movements. We want to maintain analysis of all these different issues. We want to learn from movement in Israel… there, #OccupyLSX celebrities killed the movement. In Spain they committed themselves to a General Assembly process. Wall Street wasn’t just an occupation, they also staged lots of actions: this is important. We want to support the General Strike on 30th Novemeber.

– We don’t want to ask those in power to make change for us. We also want to be doing that in our local communities. A lot of these social movements don’t have enough ways of buildng up their own power and it’s too much asking those in power to make changes for us. On 9th November there’ll be a big demo in London.and we should join forces with that.

– We can debate strategy, and thats a wonderful thing…but we all need to find our own voice. An autonomous organisation such as this is wonderful. Every person has a stake, we are all equal.

– We’re coming to an end of this General Assembly. At the first general assembly in wall street there were 70 people. Now there are tens cheap nba jerseys of thousands. We are already more than 70, so let’s do this in the UK! Occupy London!

– Let’s stay on this bridge, those of us who dolor can. Let’s keep talking and see how long we can stay!

– Each and every place in this country needs to unite and take over! This is our land!


Further images of yesterday’s GA may be found on our flickr.


88 Responses to “#OccupyLSX First General Assembly”

  1. Can we make suggestion that all money donated for all parties is put in a Democracy Kitty and shared out fairly. We need to take the campaign money out of politics and this is a step in right direction. As for the 15th we should bear in mind what Lenin said in that when the people have no shoes then they are ready for revolution. I’m willing to walk barefoot as this could add impact.

  2. i worry professional rioters will see this as a chance to kick off , are there any plans for this instance?…

    • What on earth is a professional rioter?

      • Professional may not be the most appropriate word but I suspect the point is this:

        There are people who are looking for an opportunity to riot, comit crime or just have a go at the police. They belong to no cause, have no ideology.

        This occupation must not be hijacked by these types. It must be a responsibility of every participant to root out these people if they appear.

        • “They belong to no cause, have no ideology.”

          You sound like a fucking statist tool, you presume to know everyone else’s struggle and wish to force the tactics of the protest into a singular tactic.

          Who the fuck are you to tell people what their ideology is? This sort of authoritarian bullshit is unacceptable…

          • Chris Freeactivist hit the nail on the head there… that sort of authoritarian bullshit is TOTALLY unacceptable..

            The anarchists know what they’re doing and have a very defined ideology and cause..

            “This occupation must not be hijacked by these types. It must be a responsibility of every participant to root out these people if they appear”.. the sort of person who could say that doesnt understand how the occupy protests are working, and frankly, It must be the responsibility of every PROTESTER to root out these people (such as citizenx103) if they appear to want ANY authority..

  3. Thanks a lot for the effort you’re making in organising Occupy London. Unfortunately I could not make it at the GA, but I’ll definitely be at the occupation.

    I was wondering if you have already thought about the next steps. Regardless of the turnout on Saturday, if we want to have an impact we need long term action. As Naomi Klein said, it may take years – and I would like to get involved.

  4. Naomi, I would like to speak directely with you about the protest. Can you email me or give me any other contact? thanks

  5. To those who worry about professional rioters, consider this. Not a single word was reported on the blockage of Westminster Bridge on Sunday. But the riots and looting occupied the news for weeks after the event. Does that tell you something?

    • Its true, the shock value of riots did get it to the top of the news agenda, rapidly.

      It sparked disgust, anger and revulsion in the population.

      If you want support for the campaign then it must be achieved by showing those involved are better than those responsible for the current economic crisis and the underlying reliance upon the city for prosperity.

  6. firstly superb great wonderful that this is in the UK. i see some mention of holding simultaneous events in other cities, i can make bristol much more easily than london, any news on that?

    second it’s my personal opinion that the action should be directed toward the bank of england, rather than the city. it’s the fact that we have a private company as a central bank that allows the city to do what it does, as lord acton put it, the issue that will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks, rather than the people versus the stock brokers. private central banks are the root of the financial problem.

    that said, i think one of the successes of this movement in the US has been its inclusivity…i see plenty of attempts to subvert it and employ the old controlled opposition tactic, which then works to on the level of divide and conquer from within if people pay attention to it…i think the strength of this global movement that started in north africa and is now reaching the “developed” world in a big way is that there is no central agenda, there are simply many pissed off people who want change. to sovereignty, my friends!

    • Hi,
      I disagree about this being directed at the bank of England. People all over are going for the jack-pot and so should we. It’s no longer enough to target a particular institute, and it’s no longer enough to demand a particular change. though we may loose this way, at least we won’t compromise. I think it’s better not to limit our scope. It’s all or nothing in my opinion.

      • The entire system is flawed and offers little but a lifetime of forced employment or disenfranchisement to the majority, mainly due to the unequal distribution of wealth.

        An occupation like this should be aimed at stimulating debate in the population:

        *Do people generally agree that the current system is flawed? It may seem a no-brainer but you need to secure buy-in from the largest amount possible.

        *If people do agree the system is flawed, what alternatives are there. What are their pros and cons? This is a discussion which needs to be had. Are you seeking to reduce the dependence on the finance sector or are you attempting to do something more radical?

        *If general agreement is reached on these matters, then surely the next step is to determine how these will be brought about.

        People need to be reminded that government and business work *for them*, not the other way around.

  7. @ carl lucey
    Yes, to join them.

  8. We’ve written a song called “Everything Must Go” sums up the current situation –

    Watch the video here…

  9. If the General Assembly will be an “open forum which will provide a platform for everyone to air their grievances, demands and proposed solutions.” then it will not only be a long tangential ineffective meeting, reliant on very few very experienced facilitators, but as also in Barcelona (where I witnessed it, but many other places too), it will NOT “allow us to create a list of demands democratically”.

    Another observation was that the process of attempting to create such a list in this way took far too much energy out of the whole process, which petered out in the end. If different thematic groups had agreed their own list and then gone and TAKEN ACTION based on it, whether about housing, environment, gender etc etc then there would have been far more energy that came back in to the occupation, and more people would have come down. It’s also more in line with our British traditions of taking action.

    As to “professional rioters” – you’ve been reading too many tabloids. Don’t worry your pretty little prejudice.

    • I suspect the problem is not having a specific focus, getting bogged down in too many different agendas.

      Perhaps this is the problem with groups such as these, without a clear leadership structure.

      Ultimately, the underlying issues in our society (nationally and globally) will have to be dealt with. “The people” need a say, but without a focused organisation, they’re easy to dismiss.

      I’d like to think that groups such as this, with their global connections can, over time, form into something which people can turn to in order to make themselves heard.

      • It’s not about having leadership necessarily, but you’re it is about structure. It’s possible for very large groups of people to come to consensus, but it needs skilled facilitation and participation. Check out http://seedsforchange.org.uk/free/resources#grp for starters.

        Personally, I’d say if we start electing leaders or allowing the charismatic few to sway us and lead, then we’ll recreate the problems with the system we’ve got.

  10. the time is now!!!!!!!

  11. Goldman Sachs – News from the UK ( telegraph.co.uk)

    “The Wall Street bank – which last year paid $15.3bn (£9.5bn) in bonuses to its employees – is understood to have made a sweetheart deal with HMRC which allowed it to avoid paying the full interest on a failed tax avoidance scheme set up in the 1990s.

    Around that time, Goldman is understood to have set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands called Goldman Sachs Services Ltd. This employed all of Goldman’s London bankers, who were then “seconded” to work there
    In 2009, Judge David Williams said the Virgin Islands company seemed to be created as “a way of keeping information about the GS accounts and payroll out of the public domain and confidential”.

    But the Goldman Virgin Islands employee benefit trust (EBT) was not alone; 21 other investment banks and other firms had also created offshore EBTs, which allowed bonuses to be indirectly invested into elaborate share option schemes.

    However, in 2005 a court ruled in favour of HMRC that the EBTs were illegitimate tax avoidance devices. The 21 other firms accepted the ruling and compensated the revenue on what was owed.

    But Goldman Sachs refused to pay its £30.8m bill. By 2010, according to a public judgment, the unpaid bill with accumulated interest had mounted to £40m.

    According to a leaked Government document revealing the minutes of a meeting on December 8 2010 chaired by HMRC general counsel Anthony Inglese, Goldman’s tactics were obstructive.

    The document also claims that the permanent secretary Dave Hartnett had “shaken hands” on a secret settlement with Goldman Sachs.

    HMRC said in a statement: “The picture you have been given is incomplete and therefore fundamentally flawed but taxpayer confidentiality prevents us from correcting your story in detail. Dave Hartnett’s long career in the tax service has been built on ensuring the right tax is paid by large businesses and individuals alike. HMRC does not do ‘sweetheart’ deals.”

    Mr Hartnett is due to be questioned on Wednesday by the Commons public accounts committee.

    Goldman Sachs declined to comment. “

  12. 98 FTSE firms ‘use tax havens’

    “Most of the UK’s top companies listed on the Stock Exchange use tax havens, according to new research.

    ActionAid said that 98 of the FTSE 100 companies have declared tax haven companies.

    The charity is calling on the Government to crack down on tax havens, saying they “can’t afford to turn a blind eye”.

    Chris Jordan, tax justice expert at ActionAid, said: “ActionAid’s research showing the use of tax havens by Britain’s biggest companies raises serious questions they need to answer.

    “Tax havens have a damaging impact on the UK exchequer, the stability of the international financial system, and vitally on the ability of developing countries to raise tax revenues which would lift them out of poverty and make them less dependent on aid.”

    ActionAid said there were 1,649 tax haven companies declared between the UK’s “big four” banks. The only two companies not to use tax havens were Fresnillo and Hargreaves Lansdown, ActionAid said.

    Mr Jordan added: “When multinationals use tax havens to avoid paying their fair share, ordinary people in both poor and rich countries are left to pick up the bill.

    “Spending on doctors, nurses and other essential services gets cut for those who need it most.

    “Tax havens might provide the lure of financial secrecy and low tax rates for big companies, but at a time when all countries are desperate for revenues, the UK Government can’t afford to turn a blind eye.”

    The Press Association.

  13. Zeitgest Moving forward watch this non-profit video on youtube loads of info! We should come together in Norwich!! As we dont have stock exchange or wall street any advice where should we assembly ? The time is now ! We need to do something about it !! It must be stopped

  14. I fully support the occupation of LSX in line with what is happening around the world.

    It concerns me somewhat that you will disenfranchise people from offering their support if you take a position on too many unrelated issues. The NHS being a case in point.

    It is important that this occupation is seen to not be “just” the UK Uncut or student protest groups. The average worker is not generally represented by these groups.

    You need a mission statement, a broad position as to what you hope to achieve. There need to be a set of values attached to this, effectively, a consitutition, some examples:

    *We will occupy peacefully whilst ensuring our legal right to do so is not infringed by the state.
    *We will attempt to influence policy and promote alternatives.
    *We will engage with those who disagree with us in a constructive and positive manner.
    *We will actively report to authorities those who attempt to use the occupation as a cover for criminality.

    It is indeed important to acknowledge (beyond paying lip service) to the fact that the majority of people in the UK do not live in London and are unlikely to be able to easily attend.

    Local groups should be formed with the intent of organising local events and arranging reduced cost travel to the main protest (i.e. coaches or discounts with travel companies).

  15. I don’t get all this stuff about the nhs… You know that means you’re giving licence for the government to steal off people that perhaps do not want to buy the service? This is unacceptable! Theft is theft… Now if you want to set up a cooperative and pool money to make your healthcare cheap, that’s cool. But noone should be FORCED to buy a service they may or may not require!… I’m going to come on saturday and stay a few days, i want to speak to as many people as i can… It’s my opinion that people are waking up, but they’re still drowsy and not seeing clearly!… I respect anyones opinion, however the moment a gun is brought into the room debate is senseless! There is no debate!… I may arrive a little late on saturday, please somebody save me a pitch. :-).

  16. One of the strengths of the Occupy movement at present is its concentration on direct action. We should work to ensure that the movement retains this focus: demonstrations, occupations, and strikes, up to and including city-wide and national general strikes. These must remain the movement’s tactics of choice. We also need to struggle to turn the general distrust of and disgust with capitalist politics and politicians into a full-blown recognition that both the Conservative and Labour parties are controlled by, and beholden to, corporate interests, and are therefore our enemies.

    • we are not capitalist at present, it’s croney capitalism… I don’t think many people have a problem with the free market, or someone building up a business… People are just pissed they don’t play by the same rules! Rightly so too… You’re spot on about labour and conservative being our enemies, but i’ll make it even more simple! Anyone that wants to force their ideology at the point of a gun is our enemy!… Why don’t we fight for the right to opt out! Then if a politician doesn’t perform as they said they would you just opt out! Do you think they would be corrupt then? Right now there is no accountability, they say one thing but do another as soon as they’re in!

  17. last time the anachists were in the city they were kettled, do’em again I say.

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    Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010).

    18 “And the nations were angry and your anger has come,

    and the time of the dead to be judged, and you shall give reward to your Servants the Prophets and to The Holy Ones and to those who reverence your name, to the small with the great,

    and you shall destroy those who have corrupted The Earth.”.

    Redistribution Of Wealth Need No Money (99%).

    The time for destroying the destroyers of the earth has come.
    For detailed explanation click at Sequel Box, Sequel 8 link to:http://www.visutech.net/peace365/index.asp?pageID=86.

    Marek Zielinski

  77. I saw a lot of website but I believe this one has something special in it.

  78. Fuck Yeah!


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