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OccupyLSX delighted that two potential legal cases suspended today


This morning, delegates from Occupy London Stock Exchange met with the Chapter of St Paul’s and the Bishop of London. It was a positive meeting, during which they informed us of their intention not to pursue legal action, rather their desire to work together in the call for social justice.

Both parties have agreed to engage in direct and constructive dialogue, which was previously not possible due to the ongoing legal process. Occupy London will be meeting with them again soon to discuss political, ecumenical and logistical issues. The Chapter and Bishop of London issued a statement today to confirm their decision.

Other issues raised at the meeting with St Paul’s were upcoming special events, which both the Cathedral and occupiers will work together to ensure coordination. These include Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas services, a Requiem this week, as well as the general day to day running of the Church and camp.

Occupy London is still awaiting firm confirmation of the Corporation of London’s plans. It is saying it is has temporarily ‘paused’ legal action.

Mary Singer, a volunteer for Occupy London said, “We are all very happy to see that the threat of court proceedings against the camp is being reviewed by the City. It is important that our right to protest is respected. As the church has agreed, the occupation is here to fight for a more just, democratic society.”


27 Responses to “OccupyLSX delighted that two potential legal cases suspended today”

  1. Congratulations-this is fantastic and historic – blessings to you all xxx

  2. At the beginning of this movement you published General Assembly Minutes, which have now been removed and not returned despite promises to the contrary.

    Up to this morning there was a thread, which was started before the Zombie run and contained some critical comments on the movement. This has now been removed yet all other threads including those about other completed events remain.

    Julian Assange spoke at St Paul’s on your very first day yet you are now censoring anything negative said about you. This is a very bad sign. Please return the missing thread and reattach the minutes.


    On a separate note (and please don’t taken this the wrong way as I’m not trying to be pedantic on this) at the GA this evening there were a couple of instances of pretty loud and vocally aggressive swearing over the loudspeaker system. An example of this was referring to the City of London Corporation members as B**tards. I understand your anger but this is a public place so please respect that.

    • I was active in a couple of the sub-threads of the thread that disappeared and dismayed to find it gone last night, please can you restore the deleted thread – the one under the initial zombie run announcement, so we can continue the discussion, and so it’s there for posterity, thanks.

  3. Why won’t you publish all of the general assembly minutes? And I second everything that Dave says above.

  4. Well done! Keep up the great work. And as you enter in dialogue with these different groups make sure that they don’t impose artificial timelines or rigid structures on you. Real democracy takes time!

  5. you lot boil my piss,instead of sitting in your stupid fucking tents why dont u get a job,or ,jump in the thames!!

    • well at least we are saving you the huge cost of electricity by boiling your p**s for you,
      and no need to thank us, we are after all
      ‘all for 1 (no not the 1%) and 1 for all’

      • and why jump in the thames ? have you tried it lately ?, is it a clever thing to do ?

        • and…..
          what is the difference between a tent and a ‘f*****g tent ? so we can work out which tents you want us to get out of.
          ‘get a job’ hmmmm !

          • If it was that easy to get a job, surely everyone would – I mean, no one would choose to sit about on benefits whilst the taxpayer provides a home, medical care, food, and entertainment. Why would anyone not choose to be a productive member of society?

          • Sarah hi to you here,
            Can I add to the issue of ‘Jobs’ my viewpoint for you and others to discuss.

            In MY new world order 🙂 LOL,
            EVERYONE WORKS, everyone contributes, everyone has an ability to do something, even the so called disabled have abilities, everybody is different, absolutely. Some people are academic some are practical, some are young some are older.
            NO-ONE is BETTER or WORTH more than the next man/woman. I am no better a HUMAN than the man who sweeps the streets for me, equally I am no less a man than the surgeon who saves lives.
            IF you can be a surgeon then you should be a surgeon, if you can farm, then you should be a farmer. What you should not be is any LESS VALUBLE than someone else.
            CONTRIBUTE what you can CONTRIBUTE

            WE ALL GET CREDITED THE SAME RATE, We then choose to spend it how and where we wish.

            I could go on but I will leave it there for now to enable other input.


  6. I agree fully with what you are doing. I camped at St Paul’s for the first week it was a camp. I also totally agree with Dave Matthews – you have to be able to take what you give.

  7. I’ve actually just seen that the Zombie run thread has been archived into the Previous Action section so it hasn’t been removed, sorry about that. It does seem to be the only article removed from the main page though and my other points stand.

    I am also concerned when you explain that

    “The zombies halted a busic traffic inetersection dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.” (quoted directly)

    Do you ever stop to think about what you are doing? Perhaps people were using that junction to pick up their kids, go to work, go to the doctor, visit a relative, attend a meeting about fixing the economy, attend a meeting about helping the disadvantaged etc. Please put your future efforts towards something constructive to help society rather than towards mindless (if fun for you) disruption

    • Perhaps people were doing all these things and were inconvenienced. That is what democracy looks like.

      People who call for protest not to disrupt anyone else are either daft or trolls. Protest will often disrupt others, learn to live with it if you want to continue to live in a democracy. In East Germany and other communist countries protesters were cleared off the streets with violence, until they became so big in places like Leipzig in 1989 that government gave up. Those protesters started from a church which did not shut its doors. Freiheit.

      When my journeys are disrupted by protest I don’t get mad. My journeys are disrupted by other things too and it is best to remain calm if possible. People, especially the young, are often criticised for not engaging in politics. Yet when people do get involved in politics, which is what the campers are doing, they get criticised too.

      • And if the fire brigade or ambulance lot had come along on an emergency call the protesters would have got out of the way quickly, I have seen this many times with protests.

        The police are more of a problem, they are often on the way to be violent towards protesters and so it is sensible not to get out of the way of these armed, armoured and masked thugs. If the police could be relied upon to only be doing good then they would be reated like those who are only doing good.

        Illegal police attack http://london.indymedia.org/articles/1007

        Short description http://www.bindmans.com/index.php?id=541

        Police eventually forced to admit their illegal actions http://www.bindmans.com/index.php?id=713

  8. Disappointing news. I was looking forward to the forced eviction of you lot.

    Can I offer a suggestion to you, however, so that I don’t offer a piece of my mind again to someone. If someone is on the phone, dont try and engage in a conversation with them and or try to hand them that wishy washy propaganda that litters the surrounding street, which can already be seen in what can only be described as graffiti all over the walls.

    Three times now you’ve tried that trick on me. The next person to do it will get a large chunk of my mind, and it won’t be pleasant, I assure you.

    • So, your saying your mind is an unpleasant place to be !!
      I will take your word for that.

      As for ‘you lot’ that must also include you then, as you are here as well, joining in the discussions going on. Not everyone is there, and not everyone is here, dont you know ?

  9. It is great to see you all standing your ground and accepting no less than the best for the people! I thank you, and give you all the support to infinity! Great news with the law suits being dropped. Peace and Divine love to you all! Reporting your story from uSA checkout my website.

  10. You guys are to be congratulated. The UK media coverage of you is very mixed. In The Guardian, you have a clear friend. It is through their columns that I have learnt what I didn’t know about the Occupy movement.

    Protests are usually angry things and, while anger has its place as an appropriate emotion, it is hopeless in situations where dialogue is required and a message needs to come across.

    You are to be congratulated on the good spirit and humour that you all unfailingly seem to maintain, at least from those of you talking to the Guardian camera.

    You are to be congratulated because today’s (November 1) announcements are very significant indeed. For an occupation that began only two weeks ago, to have achieved what you achieved today is extraordinary.

    I trust that you all feel empowered by the two announcements. The Church’s was necessary and a relief. The City’s, though, is of a different order and signifies that you are viewed with respect and being taken seriously.

    Where the situation will develop from here is impossible to predict. Of one thing you all can be absolutely sure about. The stance and posture you have adopted is the right one. Maintain that steadfastly and who knows what good of it all will come.

  11. Just a query, as Remembrance Day is on its way, as to whether the Occupy Movement will respect that day and allow others to respect that day at St Pauls?

    Regardless of ones faith views, the fact that you are able to express your opinions in a land of free speech is mainly due to those who fought before.

    Just asking.

    • The people camped outside have not prevented people from going in and out of the church, no matter how many lies have been told about this in the mass media and secret “health and safety” reports. I see no reason why they will do anything different on Armistice Day or Remembrance Sunday.

      Those who fought for fredom were a mixed bunch. Some would have objected to the campers, but many would have been delighted and said that was what they were fighting for.

      We should never mix this up with those killed and injured in stupid wars fought for the vanity of politicians and the benefit of their paymasters in oil and “security” companies. Using remembrance to glorify these wars is sick and people should have nothing to do with it.

      • Agreed, it was the 1% who caused these wars, even back then. Peacefully bringing about the end of the 1% is by far the best ‘remembrance ‘ that could be offered to those who lost their lives. Back then these wars were sold as a war to end all future wars – that’s what they gave their lives for!
        Until you remove the system that allows the 1 % to thrive, any ‘remembrance ‘ is but a hollow platitude – embracing the un-awakened to make their hollow platitudes whilst at the same time occupying to actively remove the systems that caused the need for the platitude is pure poetry in motion!

        • “Back then these wars were sold as a war to end all future wars”

          That was the 1914-18 war, and the phrase was only used after dispair that it was not going to be the quick cavalry charge some envisaged set in. It was started by political tensions which caused a naval arms race. These tensions came to a head after the murder of the heir to a failing empire was murdered and politicians in central europe failed to be statesmen and instead behaved like rats.

          The 1939-45 war was the nearest thing to a just war we have had.

          We tend not to remember the wars we fought with what would become the Germans against the French.

          I am not a pacifist, though that does not mean I dislike pacifists. I am with the ancient who said if you want peace prepare for war.

          If you want to hear criticism of the stupidity of politicians who get us into insane wars then listen to service people, when they feel able to talk without it being taken straight to the media.

    • just replying.war…what is it actualy good for? because so many wars
      later and the world is still not at peace.
      i remember people who lost lives everyday of my life.i hope that they
      have true peace now.
      this is a peaceful protest and i hope that the campers are left to carry
      on with it.

  12. Have heard the Arch Bishop is calling for a Tobin tax on the banks this morning – Don’t be suckered into backing this. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO GET STARTED IS THE ABOLITION OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND’S POWERS TO PRINT CURRENCY AND CHARGE THE PEOPLE INTEREST ON IT.
    End Central Banking system first otherwise all other things are doomed to fail.
    Also while it’s great the consideration that has been shown to St Paul’s – just remember, this country belongs to the people not the 1% – they need OUR permission for them to carry on about their business – NOT the other way round. All negotiation should be framed with this in mind.
    Keep up the good work guys, those who are awake are with you!

  13. My dear Revolutionaries.

    We must not be confused about the problem and its solution.
    The problem is the Power to create money out of thin air by a private corporation, and the solution is the abolition of this power, into the hands of the Government.
    The bank of England is a private corporation.
    Please, please educate yourselves on History and precisely what is going on.
    It is a big scam, and the only way we can truly overcome these powerful wealthy interests is by truly UNDERSTANDING the whole scam.
    Please visit my website where I have compiled all relevant information for the layman.
    Watch the documentaries and videos to gain and understanding of what is going on, and how we are all being duped.
    Knowledge is power, and we the people, once we fully understand the full extent of the SCAM, Will prevail.
    I cannot stress it enough we EACH need to thoroughly UNDERSTAND exactly what is going on, I’ve been listening to the radio and TV and there is MUCH confusion over the direction and the message of the occupy movement. This needs to change.

    Please watch the videos on the problem AND the proposed solution.
    We ALL need to be clear on the message, and sing from the same hymn sheet!
    Find the information on my website and all over youtube. http://www.moneyexplained.net

    We shall prevail!
    Educate yourselves.


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