• Canon Giles Fraser defends people’s right to protest and addresses crowd before morning service at St Paul’s cathedral
  • Canon calls on police to leave the occupation at St Paul’s
  • OccupyLSX: 250 people camp overnight, despite initial police use of force, maintaining a calm and engaging occupation.

Over 250 people camped overnight in the area near St Paul’s cathedral, one of London’s most iconic land marks as part of ‘Occupy London Stock Exchange’ (OccupyLSX) which began yesterday (15th October). The overnight occupation followed on from a day which saw between 4000 – 5000 people gathered in London’s Square Mile, voicing their anger at the social and economic inequality in the UK and around the world; and their lack of control over the decisions shaping their lives.   As part of a global day of action [1], with 19 other actions being held in the UK, [2] OccupyLSX held its first People’s Assembly – open to all – allowing attendees to voice their opinions, take decisions and to discuss real democracy and inequality caused by an unjust economic system. The next People’s Assembly is to be held at 12noon today.

People occupied the area outside St Paul’s cathedral from just after 12pm on Saturday 15th after the police blocked entry into their intended location of Paternoster Square. Police later used force to clear the steps of St Paul’s cathedral in the early evening, despite calls from occupiers saying that police actions were intimidating and disproportionate. Anna Jones, a supporter of Occupy London Stock Exchange said: “We have seen people kettled, grabbed and thrown off the steps forcefully by the police. This was entirely unnecessary. No-one came here to have a fight with the police. The only crime that the police can pin on people is one of having a conversation about real democracy and the unfair and unequal economic system that favours the rich and powerful.”

After what returned to a calm and engaged night at the camp, with music and workhops ongoing, Canon Giles Fraser of St Paul’s emerged from the cathedral earlier this morning, before the service (16.10.11) to address the crowds of people who had stayed overnight.  He defended the right to protest saying: “People have a right to protest and I’m very happy that people have that right to protest. People have generally been respectful and I have asked the police to leave, they are going to be doing so in a second. It seems to me that all is well and calm”. “I’ve seen what is going on and it seems to be that there doesn’t need police force in the numbers that there have been, so I have asked them to move and they have done. All is well and there is a very calm atmosphere”

Canon Giles Fraser also commented to an occupier that although he was not at St Paul’s last night, he had asked the police to leave, but that they had refused to do. Canon Fraser then invited occupiers to the morning service at St Paul’s. Andy Rogers, an occupier said: “We’ve now been welcomed by St Paul’s which is brilliant and we really want to extend that invitation to everyone at home. We are here to talk about the role that the financial sector, government and corporate greed have in ruining the lives of ordinary people and how we can bring about change, as you can see here, by working together, we can make a difference”

People from OccupyLSX are in dialogue with Canon Fraser to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for worshippers at the cathedral and their new neighbours.
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NOTES [1] Bringing together a diverse range of people, OccupyLSX is part of 20 actions and occupations happening in towns and cities across the UK and over 950 actions worldwide who are coming together under the banner of “United For Global Change” calling for true democracy. OccupyLSX is supported by groups including UK Uncut, the London-based Assembly of the Spanish 15M movement and others. It has already received phenomenal interest, from the public and media in the UK and around the world, with the OccupyLSX facebook group now having more than 15,000 members. [2] For more info on UK occupations please see:http://www.occupybritain.co.uk/protest-details/


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  4. We commend the actions in London, and applaud your success.
    In Brent we are fiighting the closure of our local libraries, the result of both Tory cuts and an intransigent labour council.
    We need people to come along to our library vigil, to stop the council taking the books and computers away. They have closed the library and boarded it up, but we have kept them out so far.
    If anyone can visit to help us we are at Preston Library, Carlton Avenue East, Wembley HA9 8PT.

    • Sadly there is not one iota of difference between any of the parties today, this coalition is almost a neo capitalist/communist alliance and there is no movement for negociation once decisions have been made. I might add that these decisions are usually made inside of a “closed door” policy.

      The Conservatives are an absolute nightmare, but Labour does not fair any better and as for the Diberal Lemocrats, I cannot even find words for them. Our democracy is being engineered or stolen by both Big Business and Banking systems, they do not give a damn who is affected and it is out of control.

      In the 1950’s people were right to have anxiety about “Communism”, but now, in the same way we should be aware that Capitalist ideology has now become the foe that Communism used to be, in terms of controlling State and Country. So much so, that I think you will have found out that even representation is pretty well none existent in your community. The further proof of that lies in the fact that our so called politicians cannot even deliver a referendum on Europe, that is how much we are now controlled by State.

      If we are to preserve our country we seriously need to change the way we vote, it is time for the death of the One Party System, otherwise all you will see from now on is further closures, loss of jobs and a more dictatorial and controlled society.

      Good luck with your campaing I hope you save your library, but in today’s political ignorance you will be hard put!

  5. This is a photo timeline & diary of Saturday 15th October occupation of London Stock Exchange. More than 60 pictures, 6 videos and dozens of comments.


  6. Good luck with this, it is time somehow the people sent a message back to the Government that it is not right for democracy to be taken control of by Banks and Big Business, democracy is for everyone and Government should be representative of the whole country, rather than just the elite.

    The bailouts which have been undertaken for Greece are nothing more than a sham, sadly they are bolstered by the corporate media, who seem also to be owned by the Conglomorates, including the dreadful bias of the BBC News.

    These bailouts, particularly the Greek ones are a face saving exercise for the Mickey Mouse Euro, and the Donald Duck dictatorship of the European Parliament. They are made primarily as a face saving exercise for the politicians and to save the Euro.

    They are not about people, jobs, work, or those who have lost their homes and because of the severe financial mismanagement of both the banks and the elected clowns of politicians, the ordinary people are facing in some cases extreme poverty and financial hardship, the whole thing stinks to Hell of rank Political and Banking corruption

    Good luck and keep up the protests. If I am not there with you in body, I am certainly there with you in spirit.

    James Morpeth Northumberland (Sliepnir2006 youtube)

  7. This blog needs further promotion 🙂


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