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#OccupyLondon – Zombie Bank Run


On Monday, over 100 zombie bankers  from OccupyLSX and OccupyLFS took to the streets of Central London for the Zombie Bank Run. The zombies halted a busy traffic intersection dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They then moved on to shut down a RBS bank branch before heading to the RBS headquarters and forcing the 83% taxpayer owned bank to close its doors.

A zombie bank is a bank which survives on taxpayers’ subsidies but doesn’t use this money for any useful lending to help the economy recover. The government is making huge public sector cuts while the banks pay themslves huge bonuses and have little value for society, so we’re taking to the streets to show our anger at how they’re acting.

On Monday, 100 leading economists called on the government to end the cuts and public sector job losses change direction on its economic policy to avoid a double dip recession.

Below is a collection of videos and images from around the web:

Zombie Bank Run by Jon Cheetham

Zombie Bankers Run – London by NewGaiaDesigns

A few images on Demotix – http://www.demotix.com/news/906610/zombie-bank-run-city-london


34 Responses to “#OccupyLondon – Zombie Bank Run”

  1. Michael Jackson knew about this he said we all have four years, that is all we have left four years to sort this out. that leaves us until 2013. I hope this is one of the reasons you are using his music. He told us all to remember to love one another, just remember that he said to love. He wrote a fantastic song even more fitting if you listen to the words ‘All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us!’ Keep up the good work, more and more people are realising.

  2. Where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes, where are the minutes?

    • The minutes of the initial meetings have been removed.
      They showed that a significant number of participants in the general assembly were strongly in favour of drug use at the campsite. Also there was far more discussion on the availability of alcohol than political or economic issues.
      I suspect that whoever is the power behind the campers has decided that this does not look good when attempting to engage the support of the general public. Hence no more minutes.

  3. Good on you guys . would like to see you guys doing more things like this and other more tatical procedures against the banks. Keep up the good work dont let the media get you down !!!

  4. I love the videos. These protests are really inspiring. Keep up the good work you have my total support.

  5. Awesome — any plans for the 5th of November – tiz not far away
    With all the Guy Fawkes/V for vendetta masks it better be a good one.

    Billion for the banker?

  6. What is broke? The Greeks will still have the fresh air, lovely scenery, the friendship, love from their family, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil drizzled bread etc, what else do you need for a good life?

    The 1% can only eat your dreams if you dream the dreams they told you that you should dream.
    Hmm, Maybe we are on to something about disarming the big Bazooka they have got against us.

    • LOVE this comment!!! we can do it. we are doing it!!!

  7. Production surges most likely to be in the gas masks production. You only need so many tanks, while you will have a market demand for gas masks in the millions. The protests in the West will be gas masked events. Is there any import restriction on gas masks from China to Europe or USA? I reckon that this war will be decided by who has the ownership and distribution of gas masks

  8. This revolution coming to the western “democracies” is not against a particular government or political party, as they are now irrelevant, or shall we say not immediately relevant. Governments in the West have now only peashooter at their disposal, the bazooka called for by David Cameron is in the hands of the Master – the market, controlled by the 1%. What is the point of the 99% fighting their governments or political elite if the trophy for winning is a peashooter? The logic suggests that you should go to disarm the Bazooka first. Any suggestions as to how to disarm this Bazooka?

    • master=market.this little piggy went to market.this little piggy stayed at home.i forgot what the other piggies did.i say small steps will lead to bigger.we are on the right track.im off to take all money out of my bank tommorow.

    • Yes !

      • As in yes I have suggestions!

  9. I visited your camp on Saturday you guys are certainly causing people like me to get informed of what is going on – a wake up call. The best, g

  10. Just wanted to say that I love what you are doing, and support you 100%.

    Please, please, keep pushing the “we are the 99%” message clearly and simply at the media in every soundbite…Sometimes on the BBC news and Radio 4 especially, the message is being garbled by journalists and politicians into either an “anti-capitalism protest” or, “well-meaning people who’ve now made their point and should stop”…

    We all know that the appeal and importance of “the 99%” message is much wider than that, and deserves to be heard and properly understood by everyone in that majority.

    Above all though, as I said, I so love what you’re doing…thank you.

    • I am part of the 99% and don’t agree with what you’re doing. You shout for the 99% but most of those that I talk to don’t agree with you either so who do you really represent???

      The message coming across is not because it is garbled its because that truly is the message right? Anti capitalist protest… say as it is.

      • Sally,
        This is how it is in my opinion.

        I do not understand capitalism, so I cannot be anti it.

        But I do understand greed and power and can be anti that, can I not ?
        Get your head out of the sand, the 99% represents each other even if some, like you at the min, do not understand this simple message, because your head is in the sand. If I am wrong then join the all powerful 1% please, if you can afford to.

        • what a stupid response

          • Yes, quite. what a stupid response!

            You can put your head back in the sand now !

      • Sally

        Many thanks for your reply.

        The point,as I understand it (and am quite willing to be corrected if I’m wrong), is that 99% of the world’s wealth is controlled by just 1% of its population.

        I have no idea into which of these percentages you personally fall, but wish you well in any event.

  11. Special message to those of you who think you represent the 99 per cent!. Stop the lies, stop pretending that you represent the majority, when obviously, you only represent a few! Fair enough, you’re protesting against corporate greed, but you don’t seem to have any idea about what to do about it. I’ve seen a few comments on here, promoting violence in order to obtain change, but change to what?? I’ve seen a comment from someone who stated ‘we dont need a change of leaders, we need to do away with leaders’. Are you seriously suggesting that a nation of 60+ million people can exist without leadership? What the hell do you want? Is it communism you’re after? That worked so well in the USSR and Eastern Europe, it’s doing a wonderful job of subjecting the poor citizens of North Korea to eternal poverty. So, come on, tell us what you think you can achieve, instead about just whingeing!

    • Oh thank god someone on here who makes sense.

    • The *ONLY* comment that makes sense here – cheers JockStrap. These muppets are doing shit all for anyone. They’re a nuisance causing trouble and ruining small businesses around St Paul’s. Just wish they’d jog on now.

  12. Hey, I bet you didn’t have to to do too much rehearsal for the Zombie run, must have come natural to most of you!!

  13. Plenty of time for buggering around dressed like zombies but no time to publish the general assembly minutes. I suspect that there are two possible reasons for this:

    1. They don’t exist. Playing zombies and fighting the CofE got in the way.
    2. One or a combination of the following:

    a) They are the ramblings of cranks banging on about the Rothschilds, Jewish conspiracies, New World Orders, Bilderbergers, lizards, Dave Ike, Venus project cults, and fuck knows what else. Basically crazy, paranoid, fucked-up shit that will make the average person run a mile and show you up as a laughing stock.
    b) They incite and condone various forms of criminality – probably drugs, arson, violence, and rioting and publishing them will get you nicked quicker than you can say “Archbishop of Canterbury”.

    So if you’ve nothing to hide, then publish the uncensored minutes in full – prove me wrong.

    • Not likely Jim, cuz the whole thing is a con!

  14. I think you’re al idiots. This is not about change this is about causing commotion and being proud of that. If you wanted real change you wouldn’t be at an intersection you would be outside parliament where the people that make the decisions are…Honestly, its not that i don’t have sympathy with the cause I just think Occupy LSX is ridiculous in all it’s entirety. It is the mindless few saying they are sticking up for the majority when in reality they are messing things up for those of us campaigning in a way that will make real change. It’s a joke.

    • Of course Sal, you could be considered as a joke!.. Prove us wrong!!

    • Agree with Sally, they are muppets and generally smelly vegans who are doing sh1t all. No purpose, no ideas, nothing. I go there everyday and tried to sympathise but all I see is lazy students, drunks and annoying jugglers

  15. At the beginning of this movement you published General Assembly Minutes, which have now been removed and not returned despite promises to the contrary.

    Up to this morning there was a thread, which was started before the Zombie run and contained some critical comments on the movement. This has now been removed yet all other threads including those about other completed events remain.

    Julian Assange spoke at St Paul’s on your very first day yet you are now censoring anything negative said about you. This is a very bad sign. Please return the missing thread and reattach the minutes.


    On a separate note (and please don’t taken this the wrong way as I’m not trying to be pedantic on this) at the GA this evening there were a couple of instances of pretty loud and vocally aggressive swearing over the loudspeaker system. An example of this was referring to the City of London Corporation members as B**tards. I understand your anger but this is a public place so please respect that.

  16. My dear Revolutionaries.

    We must not be confused about the problem and its solution.
    The problem is the Power to create money out of thin air by a private corporation, and the solution is the abolition of this power, into the hands of the Government.
    The bank of England is a private corporation.
    Please, please educate yourselves on History and precisely what is going on.
    It is a big scam, and the only way we can truly overcome these powerful wealthy interests is by truly UNDERSTANDING the whole scam.
    Please visit my website where I have compiled all relevant information for the layman.
    Watch the documentaries and videos to gain and understanding of what is going on, and how we are all being duped.
    Knowledge is power, and we the people, once we fully understand the full extent of the SCAM, Will prevail.
    I cannot stress it enough we EACH need to thoroughly UNDERSTAND exactly what is going on, I’ve been listening to the radio and TV and there is MUCH confusion over the direction and the message of the occupy movement. This needs to change.

    Please watch the videos on the problem AND the proposed solution.
    We ALL need to be clear on the message, and sing from the same hymn sheet!
    Find the information on my website and all over youtube. http://www.moneyexplained.net

    We shall prevail!
    Educate yourselves.


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