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We Sell Death at Excel Weapons

We Sell Death at Excel Weapons

Direct Action Price Regent DLR Station.

Aftermath: Simon. No further action and Interview with a Bahraini Activist.

Wreath Laying in remembrance of those killed by the World wide Weapons trade. Last statistics stated that 300,000 people get killed as Collateral Murder.

Tents for the OccupyDSEi. Reasons for having pop-up tents as Tent shaped Banners.
We are amenable to more being donated. The bright ones that allow us to turn them into tent banners.

A message in Hungarian from supporters of OccupyHungary.

What sort of people would support a Nazi Regime? Visit the DSEi2013. DESTRUCTION, SUBJUGATION AND EVIL INTERNATIONAL. The Biggest Weapons and Terrorism Trading Event in the world.
Strong words, but Nazi Germany was not just made up of sociopaths or psychopaths, they also needed the bureaucrats and careerists, more interested in keeping their jobs, than wondering what was happening to the people around them.
The front of the ExCel caters to the people interested in visiting the show, OCcupyDSEi is located in the roundabout on the East Side. This is where the exhibitors enter and exit. We cannot engage with them directly, but they have no choice but to see us, even if they decide to blank us or laugh at the activists.

Since it’s now been proven that torture weapons were being promoted at DSEI, which are illegal ILLEGAL under UK law, those of us charged with obstructing the highway for having blocked a lorry should have good grounds for arguing that we were preventing a greater crime, hence lawful excuse:
Organisers of world’s largest arms fair in London accused of failing to stop promotion of equipment ‘used in torture’
Human rights campaigners discovered that two companies were offering leg irons and electric batons

It’s time to Stop the Arms Fair Trade


Photos of the Amazing Occupy Vs. The Arms Fair.

A week of action against the arms fair


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