#OccupyDemocracy activist locked on to Houses of Parliament railings


#OccupyDemocracy ‘s programme of talks continued today, undeterred by over-policing, the enclosure of Parliament Square and the late November chill.

At about 3:30pm this afternoon Occupy supporter Arran locked on to the railings of the Houses of Parliament.


The focus of the #occupydemocracy demonstration has now moved directly in front of the Houses of Parliament, where a constructive programme of talks and debates is underway.


Protesters are holding a 20 metre banner saying “Real Democracy Now!” – and passing motorists are honking their support.


Arran has a bicycle D-lock around his neck linking himself to the House of Parliament railings. He was arrested at the previous Occupy Democracy event in October for sitting on a piece of tarpaulin on Parliament Square.


Explaining his decision to take this act of nonviolent civil disobedience Arran said: “The oppression of my free speech during¬† #occupydemocracy in October was so extreme I feel this is the only way to get my voice heard.”


Former Liberal Democrat Vice Chair and author of The Prostitute State Donnachadh McCarthy who gave a speech at #occupydemocracy earlier today said:


“Arran’s heroic gesture is in the proud democratic tradition of the suffragettes¬† – our democracy has been so damaged by corporate hijacking that only such mass peaceful direct action can create a democracy that works on behalf of all the people, and not just the 1%.”



#occupydemocracy has come together to build a movement for a democracy free from corporate influence that works for all of us – not just banks, corporations and a wealthy few.


Occupier and livestreamer Obi, who spent last night outside Parliament, pointed out that while freedom of speech and the right to assemble and protest are crucial, the Occupy movement and #occupydemocracy are about the big picture:


“We didn’t vote for the privatisation of the NHS. We didn’t vote for TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership]. We didn’t vote for fracking.


“But all these things are happening. We all came together and we decided that there’s a democratic deficit. People don’t know these things so we have to keep educating…”
Holding a space outside Parliament isn’t just about making a point, it’s not just a sit-in – it’s about creating a place for movement building and learning. For creating a democracy that puts people, community and the environment before profit.


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