Occupy Words


You might not be able to share a full witness statement in support of Occupy LSX, but you can still help out by taking part in our Twitter campaign: #OccupyWord. All you have to do is share your one word that best describes the Occupy movement for you. It’s simple and easy to get involved and share your #OccupyWord today.

You may also share your #OccupyWord or discuss this campaign on the Occupy London forum in this thread.


3 Responses to “Occupy Words”

  1. Looks like that hashtag is going well for you…still censoring and moderating comments by the way?

  2. This is a bad idea. Look at what has happened already.

  3. I knew the set back of capitalism and the eventualities from the drawing room discussions among my dad and his friends who were socialists since I was a kid. I am happy to visit occupy london camps before it completed it’s first month.


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