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Photos of activists and their hopes for change. The Occupy Portraits is ready to publish, if you take action and donate now.

Until the funding comes through for the archival print edition, please click here to enjoy an on-line version of the book for free.
Until the funding comes through for the archival print edition, please click here to enjoy an on-line version of the book for free.

When the Occupy protests began, I was inspired to contribute my best efforts. As a documentary photographer, this is my activism: to offer these images in the hope that their chronicle of a movement will inspire others to continue to act boldly in the cause of universal justice.

This 572-page book of portraits documents activists from the Occupy movement in twelve cities across the United States – people like you and me, the 99%. In the interest of historical accuracy, everyone I photographed is included, presented in chronological sequence, and paired with their answer to my question, “What would you change first to make this a better world?”

  • “Annie Appel’s photographs have given an identity to anonymous American citizens fighting for what is guaranteed in the US Constitution: a responsive and responsible government actively accommodating the needs of the people. Her subjects have literally stopped the presses and made the silent majority consider that participation and protest is vital to maintaining a democracy.”     Cooper Sy  (writer/director)

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, International Diplomat founder Carne Ross, and art historian Dr. Karen Kleinfelder have honored the work, respectively, with a foreword, an introduction, and an essay.

“I have hope, not in the tangible or in what I can personally accomplish, but in the faith that battling evil, cruelty, and injustice allows us to retain our identity, a sense of meaning and ultimately our freedom. Perhaps in our lifetimes we will not succeed. Perhaps things will only get worse. But this does not invalidate our efforts.” Chris Hedges

Many thanks for purchasing your copy of The Occupy Portraits, and for considering donation of an additional copy to a library, institution, or organization of your choice. (See details and link below to select your extra bonus print mentioned in a special Kickstarter reward.)

Donated books will be plated with this archival paper label designed by E. Adler in 1930. Applied to the inside cover, the plate will contain an inscription identifying the donor and the person(s) being honored or memorialized.




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