Occupy Radio LDN in Tunisia


Occupy Radio is currently podcasting from The World Social Forum in Tunis, we will be uploading as we go:

Tunisia Day 1 – World Social Forum by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud

This podcast was recorded in Tunis the day before the 2013 World Social Forum. There was a long march through the streets as many activists from all over the world arrived.

Tunisia Day 2 – World Social Forum by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud

This is an interview with Rami Brahem, an activist in Tunis. Here we talk about horizontalism, NGO corruption and the World Social Forum.

Tunisia Day 3 – World Social Forum by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud

Day 3 of The World Social Forum. We hear from the anarchist groups who oppose the WSF.

The Commons Vs. Neo-Liberalism – World Social Forum, Tunisia by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud

In this interview we speak to a Greek activist at the World Social Forum. The discussion is about neo-liberalism, the commons, public space and the future of struggle.

World Social Forum – Analysis by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud

An interview with Sky, activist and researcher. We discuss The World Social in particular the complexities of NGO culture combined with activist culture.





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  1. Wish I was in Tunisia. I think World Social Forums are some of the greatest gatherings that are happening on the planet at the moment, though there are so many these days:-))
    Wonderful to hear reports from Tunis: Thanks Radio OL folks



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