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Occupy International Newsletter #29J



Newsletter with news about Education, Housing, Banking, Democracy and Environment around the world. Take a look, spread the news and give us feedback if something related is happening in your city!!! linking #revolution helps us understand the need for #globalchange

WEEK 22 – 29 June


  • Police repression at Global day of Action in Rio+20
  • Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit closes with Declaration and points of struggle
  • Kari-Oca 2 Declaration: Indigenous Peoples 4 Mother Earth @ Rio+20
  • Coup d`etat in Paraguay
  • Mexico, Information is crucial in democracy
  • Egypt’s has a new president
  • Greece’s elected government already falling apart
  • Occupy Tel Aviv protest against police brutality
  • The Events of Sandstorm Friday #SudanRevolts
  • HSBC in bid to evict Hong Kong Occupy protesters
  • Alleged members of Pussy Riot currently being detained
  • Solidarity call for those arrested at the Genoa G8
  • Protesters arrested in action against Xstrata in court.
  • #15 Spain Proposal for a Global Action
  • Call4design n-1 project.
  • July 6th March Against Neo-Feudalism in Denver
  • Occupy vs Eviction
  • 22th+23th june in Milan for the right to have an home

The dark sides of the olympics game


After the closing of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, it has become even clearer that Governments have given up on the planet: http://m.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/25/rio-governments-will-not-save-planet?cat=commentisfree&type=article

This outcome was quite expected. Demonstrations were held in several countries to protest against the glaring gap between reality and the capitalistic rhetoric about a “green economy”. Wednesday 20th June, a Global Day of Action took place. Civil society mass mobilization across the planet synchronized to highlight the issues of the Green/Greed economy trick. The focus was  the march on Avenida Vargas Presidente in Rio, where the Rio+20 circus continues to sustain the Green Machine. During this action a group formed of  ocupadospovos  (Peoples  Occupation) members as well as other people, occupied a street and  suffered the force of the police force as they kettled and beated selected  protestors. Here is a video footage of violent and excessive police clampdowns at end of Global day of Action: http://riot20blog.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/police-repression-the-peoples-occupation-repressao-policial-em-at-ocupadospovos/

In london four members of the group Climate Siren, which included Occupy London supporters, chained themselves to Buckingham Palace gates on Saturday 23 June to highlight the biggest threat to our planet, climate change. http://climate-siren.com/http://occupylondon.org.uk/

During the Rio+20 official summit more then 80, 000 people attended the Peoples’ Summit. A massive  parallel meeting organized for non-government groups and individuals to debate and  put pressure  on governments to act.  The meeting producing a new convergence of  different movements, Indigenous Peoples, and peasant farmers.

Rio+20 Peoples’ Summit closes with Declaration and points of struggle








More  info for  Social and  Environmental Justice, in defense of  the commons at the official website of the People’s Summit at Rio+20:







An other parallel meeting was held by the Indigenous Environmental Network. The Indigenous Peoples 4 Mother Earth, assembled for the second time after The Kari-Oca conference, and the  mobilization of Indigenous Peoples around the first UN Earth Summit, issued The Kari-Oca 2 Declaration and the Indigenous Peoples Earth Charter


(eng, esp, port)


Coup d`etat in Paraguay.  Paraguayan  President Fernando Lugo has just been removed from office by Congress  through political impeachment, an express trial that lasted only 24  hours.



Paraguayan people took to the squares to resist to the coup. They have created a Front for the Defence of Democracy and designed a web page:  http://paraguayresiste.com

International  solidarity can play a crucial role in the defense of Human  Rights of  the popular sectors in Paraguay. Paraguayan activists call on all  social  organizations to be on alert to the situation in this country.

Mexico. Information is crucial in democracy. That is why thousands of protestors have been taking the streets against Televisa, Mexico’s main television network. The protestors claim that the network is manipulating information in favor of Peña Nieto, the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) presidential candidate


Their claim is supported by wikileaks documents


Egypt. President Morsi called upon to fix the damage. Egyptians are clinging onto hopes that their first civilian president  will right Egypt’s political ship, as it veers off course into uncharted  and dangerous waters


Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood has officially won Egypt’s presidential elections


Greece. The newly elected greek government is already falling apart. Firstly it gave rise to a wave of indignation because of the ties of the appointed finance minister to the banks


However the finance minister almost immediately resigned and was quickly followed by another member of the cabinet


The new finance minister was directly involved in Greece’s negociations to join the euro.


In Israel, Occupy Tel Aviv, in protest against police brutality.


More info and some videos here: http://www.thenation.com/blog/168561/thousands-occupy-tel-aviv-police-respond-brutal-force

#SudanRevolts. As Sudan approached its first week of continuous protests triggered by recently announced economic austerity measures, a country-wide call for  protest was made  for Friday (June 22) after prayers. The protest was  called “Sandstorm Friday”

(En, Ara)


Hong Kong. HSBC has launched legal action in a bid to end the anti-capitalist Occupy movement where the protesters have camped out at its  headquarters for eight months.


Russia. Pussy Riot is an Art-Protest punk band, specialized in performances to raise awareness about human rights, gender equality and democracy. Three alleged members of the group are currently detained in Russia and facing up to 7 years of jail for participating in a punk-prayer


Videos:  http://freepussyriot.org/video

Italy. Ten years after the G8 protest in Genoa in 2001, after the brutality of police repression, the death of Carlo Giuliani, the tortures in the Bolzaneto barracks and the beatings in the Diaz school, all the officers in charge at the time are continuing undesturbed their careers. Only 10 protestors, randomly picked among the tens of thousands which took the streets on those days, are under trial and facing a total of 100 years of imprisonment. Court to decide on the 13th of July. Solidarity call: http://www.10×100.it/?page_id=55

London. On 30 November 2011, Occupy London staged a highly memorable action with a banner drop from the roof of mining giant Xstrata’s London offices and sent a message to Mick Davis, CEO of Xstrata and the highest paid director of all FTSE 100. Occupy London activists who were arrested that day were in court this week. The case will continue on August 6th and 7th. More details on the action: http://occupylsx.org/?p=1755


To connect and unite the struggle for free emancipatory education the international student movement is calling for a Global education strikehttp://ism-global.net/discussion_global_education_strike_2012


We have similar problems, so we have to   learn  from each other and act globally too. #15M Spain Proposal for a Global Action.  The 15M  is calling for a strong global actions to reinforce our local work.



Call4design n-1 project. participate and help to improve the social network N-1



in Denver, July 6th: March Against Neo-Feudalism: Revenge of the Wage Slave http://occupydenver.org/march-against-neo-feudalism-revenge-of-the-wage-slave/


in USA,  Occupy vs Eviction: Radicals, Reform, and Dispossession. The anti-eviction work of  Occupy Homes. Blog post about anti-foreclosure and eviction struggles, and reformism and radicals in mass movements more generally. http://libcom.org/blog/occupy-vs-eviction-radicals-reform-dispossession-22062012

Minnesota: OccupyHomesMN. Over  the past months hundreds of activist, including neighbors and community  members, have been protecting 24/7 the Cruz family from the eviction  demanded by the PNC bank. On the 21 of June a national day of action  against PNC was organized. http://occupywallst.org/article/june-21-national-day-action-cruz-family/

22nd+23th june in Milan for the right to have an home! the launch of  #occupysfitto campaign for the occupation of empty home and the meeting between #stopsfratti and #stopdesahucios Madrid to share practice and knowledge. Some infos about the world wide movements against foreclosures and home evictions:



Here is a tutorial and self-defense kit against eviction. A useful tool for those who  practice evictions stopping and occupation of empty houses.


In Spain, on  the 22nd of June, about 40 activists staged a protest about Bankia,  asking for public money to be used to support families under financial stress


In Sevilla, 36  families are resisting in the occupied building La Utopía without water  and electricity. The building was left abandoned for several years. The  chairman of the company which owned the building is now under trial  with charges of corruptions, in one of the many scandals which followed  the bursting of the  spanish house bubble. Electricity and water have  been cut, despite the willingness of the occupiers to pay the bills.



The dark sides of the Olympics game.

In April protester against an Olympic training centre being built on public land lost a High Court battle but the fight still going. Mix of local residents and Occupy London movement members keep crossing the construction of two temporary basketball courts on Leyton Marshes here some video about Leyton Marsh camp and eviction.



Moreover Ethical Consumer magazine reports that for a few short weeks in July and August, Stratford, in east London, will become a tax haven. http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/commentanalysis/corporatewatch/thegreatolympictaxswindle.aspx

Under the name of Bread and Circuses a group of protestors occupied a property owned by Olympic Orbit designer Anish Kapoor and transform it, for one night, into a space for talks, art and music. The protest wanted to highlight how the grand “Spectacles” occurring in London in 2012 are not only facilitating a hostile corporate assault on public space, right to protest, art and communities, but are also a clear attempt to distract the population from the austerity measures.




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